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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

One Flower Wednesday

It's been a very lazy week in Quilting Dreamland.  I did manage to get a flower made, but there's not been a lot of progress on other projects.  Maybe next week?  If you want to see more pretty flowers, go visit Karen, who keeps us motivated each week.

As I get older, I find that my memory (or my mind!) is almost gone.  A few weeks ago, I signed up to send some orphan blocks to someone who was planning to make quilts for the fire victims in Colorado?  Does anyone remember this?  I can't find the email, and I don't remember the blog.  Help, please?

Contentedly stitching away....Sunny


  1. As long as you do not forget who you are, everything is fine! :)

  2. My memory must be with your memory! A very pretty flower Sunny and I love your header photo, I have them throughout my garden, so beautiful.

  3. Love your pretty flower...boy I'm with you on the memory thing!!

  4. It's ok to have a slow patch here & there Sunny, don't stress about it! Sorry i can't help you with the orphan blocks query, hope you get it sorted out:)

  5. Nigella from NigeriaThu Jul 26, 01:20:00 AM 2012

    Quilting Ranny?

  6. The memory thing? Totally normal! But then again, I'm older than you!! I going to OC for a couple of days next week and can't decide what to bring to work on. I'm going to dive into some hexies. I think I've finally decided on my color scheme.....wish me luck!!

  7. Sunny hope you find who wanted the orphan blocks.xx

  8. Pretty flower! I feel the same with the memory...or maybe we're just too busy to remember???

  9. I am pleased I'm not the only one who forgets things... that's why I have a book next to the computer..
    Nice flower...

  10. Here you go Sunny: http://phoenixquilts.blogspot.ca/

  11. Morning Sunny~
    I can't believe that I was just reading about that blog when I was on our swap site...
    came over here to visit & I had just had Anna write the e-mail down (lol) so I could get some info....
    (memory-eyes-joints-hair waist)ha~ the list goes on...but we are blessed for much :)


    e-mail is


    if you saw it where I did thats a newer member on the swap!
    Hope that helps...
    love the hexie :)

  12. Nice flower. I hope you find the link you're looking for. I see you have a few suggested sites to try already from your blogging friends. Good luck!

  13. It sounds like a familiar story!!! I do that all the time.

    Your flower looks so pretty.

  14. what memory? if I don't write it on multiple calendars, forget about it, ha! beautiful hexie

  15. Hey Sunny... memory? What is that?! I forgot I was supposed to make one hexie a week.. thanks for reminding me :) xxx


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