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Sunday, April 21, 2013


Are you getting tired of Spring pictures yet?  Sorry, I have more.  Mr. QD is away for a few days, so I made a trip to my brother’s house today to drop off a couple of things, and took the scenic route home, through two parks and a Quilt Shop! 
As you might imagine, the pink fabric will be used for hexies, the light fabric in a swap project, and the dark is for a future quilt.  I really am trying to cut back, and I thought I did quite well today. 
By the time I arrived at the quilt shop, I had an idea in mind, but they didn’t have anything suitable for my plan.  I wanted these colors:
I got home and dug through my stash, and finally found something that would work well enough.  One of the groups that I follow had a challenge this month to make a small quilt using the Contrary Wife block, so here is my version.
Remember, my quilt holder is 1,000 miles away, and it’s late at night, so I’ll take a better picture after it’s quilted.
I had to make a couple of unexpected stops while I was driving, once to let some chickens cross the road:

and once to watch these little lambs cavorting in a field:
And now I must head for bed.  Don’t tell DH, but I’m sleeping with the window open while he’s away!!
Think kind thoughts for the residents of Boston and West!


  1. I never get tired of any of your gorgeous Photos..
    I just love the new lambs running along on their wobbly legs following their Mums.. there were lots of nice new white babies in the paddocks on my drive to Geraldton last week...
    Lovely fabrics that jumped in your bag..
    Oh No won't tell your DH about the window..
    Yes sending lots of love to the Boston and West folk..

  2. yes i agree with Maria you take such lovely pics Sunny.xx

  3. Beautiful photos you took during your scenic route. Love your new fabric too. No need to suggest you ENJOY SPRING.

  4. Beautiful photos you took during your scenic route. Love your new fabric too. No need to suggest you ENJOY SPRING.

  5. Lovely photos , so nice to see all the spring colors , those little lambs are adorable. Cute little block you made :-)

  6. There can never be too many Spring photos. Love the lambs and chickens, too. And the fabrics!

  7. I love seeing lambs in the fields. (Or goats or calves - any baby is will do.) And chickens in the road - I bet they move pretty quick. (I love chickens too - but not enough to raise them.)

  8. Um....I have a question.
    Why did those chickens cross the road?


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