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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

It’s Here!!!

Spring, that is!

These beauties are my very own front yard!  Hallelujah!  DH went to DC today to see the Cherry Blossoms.  I wish I could be retired so I could do fun stuff during the week.


   These pictures were taken with his phone, because when he got down there, he discovered that his camera battery was still in the charger at home!

Be kind to a stranger today…..Sunny


  1. I love spring pictures and those are just gorgeous... that cherry tree is positively exploding with flowers...

  2. Our blossom was out too, then we had heavy rain and strong winds and most of it has gone... hope that doesn't mean no fruit this year. Glad to see some daffodils, mine never showed their heads, but the tulips are now all ready to open..... send us some sunshine please... Hugs x

  3. Love your Daffodils..
    Yes DH is very lucky to be able to see those beautiful Blossoms...

  4. They are gorgeous pics just the same Sunny - and equally gorgeous blooms in your garden! Enjoy x

  5. We're doing the 'happy dance' up here in NY. Spring was tooooo long in coming.

  6. Lovely photos - how heartening to see a splash of spring - and we're enjoying those fresher days of autumn now!

  7. So Beautiful even with a cell phone. You and me both would love to be retired and doing fun stuff.


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