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Monday, April 15, 2013

More signs of Spring, and a word of caution.

I’ve been seeing potato bags around blog land recently, and when I found some potato fabric, I knew I must have one!


I made this without any difficulty, but when I tried to make a second, I broke four needles!  DH used it last week and was very happy with his nice fluffy potato.  We used it tonight for the last time.


It caught on fire in the microwave!  We took it outside and doused it with water, then cut it open to rescue the potato.  So my word of warning is:  if you use a potato bag in the microwave, don’t leave it unattended!!

Before the dinner disaster, we met at the park and took a few pictures.  I wanted to get pictures of Tulip Magnolias. and DH wanted a new Spring picture  for his Facebook profile.


And here’s my house a couple of days ago. 








Now would you like to see what’s inside the house?  Here’s my new Sweetie!


I till have a LOT to learn before you see any beautiful quilting.  Practice, practice, practice……

Be kind!      Sunny


  1. such pretty trees and i i have not heard of a potato bag but i will certainly remember your words of caution Sunny,have a great day.xx

  2. Did you use the special batting for the potato bag? I use mine all of the time with no problem and love cooking potatoes that way.

    Very pretty blooms and such a nice new toy too.

  3. Do you think it was the fiber content of the batting?
    Beautiful pics.
    I love spring.

  4. Sew pleased the patato bag didn't cause more damage...
    Loving the gorgeous photos...
    Oh sunny I didn't realise you were getting a Sweet sixteen... I DO love it. thought you were getting a BIG quilting machine on a frame...

  5. Spring is looking lovely and the magnolias are beautiful. Love the photos of the trees in front of your house.
    I am glad your potato episode did no major damage. That's a worry!
    LOVE the Sweet Sixteen! What fun you are going to have!!

  6. I have heard of others have the same problem with the potato bags . Oh my the trees are just gorgeous , I can almost smell them ;-)_ Congrats on the new machine , what fun you will have !!

  7. I don't have nor do I use a microwave--but am still glad to learn of the problem so that I don't make any for gifts!!!
    Love your new toy--looks like fun!!!
    and those pictures of the trees are to die for--soooo pretty---
    thanks for sharing everything--
    hugs, di and miss gracie

  8. Beautiful trees. Love these photos. Enjoy your new "toy" I bet you are going to get lots and lots of quilting done now :)


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