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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Plan B Saturday

Can you guess what Plan A was?IMG_0135We got the kayaks out of storage last night, and had every intention of paddling them today.  But it was cool and breezy, with rain threatening all day.  As usually happens, since we didn’t go out, the rain never did materialize.
Instead, we ventured a few miles down the road to a plant nursery.  A truly wonderful place for someone who loves photographing flowers.

We noticed that several people were looking out towards the parking lot, and sadly, this is what they were watching.

I walked out to the parking lot, and started talking to two gentlemen, one of whom turned out to be the unfortunate owner of the car.  I was very relieved to know that he had escaped unharmed from the car.  It was an electrical fire, and the lights were flashing, the horn was honking, and we heard several small explosions.  How scary!!  After the excitement died down, we found another exit from the parking lot, and continued on to our lunch destination.  While walking from the parking space to the restaurant, we  passed by several poppies – I love poppies!IMG_0185IMG_0191

We arrived back home in plenty of time to watch the annual Wagon Train pass our house.  IMG_0205IMG_0206

I think there were fewer participants this year, and fewer costumes than in the past. 
To continue with the horse theme, we came home and watched the Preakness.  No chance of a Triple Crown Winner this year. 
Last night, I worked on my GFG quilt for FNSI.  I really do hope to get it finished by the end of this year.

And now, I really must go, because I have blogs to visit, and quilts to sandwich.  See you around!
Be kind……Sunny


  1. Never a dull moment with you around! Gorgeous flowers. Good news that the man was out of the car. That is quite frightening. Fancy having your own wagon parade passing your home every year.
    Quick - back to that stitching!

  2. Oh my goodness! The car photos are unreal. I'm glad the man was okay. Looks like tomorrow will be rainy. Quilting day?

  3. OMG pleased the man was okay...
    Lovely flowers in the nursery..
    At least you are getting you hexie quilt sewn together Sunny.

  4. oh my Sunny you did have an interesting day,how scary was that car on fire,as usual i love all your pics,and lovely hexie's too for FNSI.xx

  5. Wow..lots of excitement! Great pics of both pretty flowers and scary fires. Love the wagon train!

  6. Oh my...what an exciting adventure!

  7. What beautiful flower photos--never thought of going to a nursery to take photos!!!
    at first I was worried that car was yours!!!
    and I watched a race last night--
    Nascar, though!!!
    hugs, and have a great week--
    di and miss gracie

  8. Flowers, horses and fire. I don't think as a reader I could ask for anything more! LOL However, I wonder what you will post about next time. Can anything top that? I've always felt sorry for people who's car catch fire and wonder what causes it? Someone must of wired that one wrong. You are coming along so nicely on your GFG. I'm cheering you on!

  9. Gorgeous flowers , you are great at photographing them . What a a shame about that car , that would be scary .

  10. I completely understand...my plan A's never seem to get done. Such pretty flowers, thanks for sharing.
    blessings, jill

  11. Always lovely to read and see your blog, Peggy. Nice FNSI work, lovely different pictures! Oh, what a car fire,sad experience. Pretty, lonely little bird:-)

  12. I love the wagon train photos...and the flowers, too. Looks like you had a nice day even though it turned out differently than you had planned.


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