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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

OFW and Double Ta Da!

Here are a couple of flowers that I made last week, and are on their way to Australia.  I didn’t have any fabrics like these in my stash, but a co-worker was happy to help me out.


And speaking of co-workers, I’ve finished the baby quilt!  IMG_0257

This was inspired from the theme that the mama has chosen to decorate her nursery.  I was approached and asked to make a ‘branded’ quilt.  Another co-worker provided me with a T-shirt to use for the logo.


The hst’s are actually siggy blocks, and we got some really cute ones.  There are drawings, quotes, and poems in addition to congratulatory comments.


Just showing the back to prove that it really is finished, because this is one of my OPAM’s for May!


The shower is next week, so I hope it gets a good reception.

I also finished the afghan that I have been working on for the past several months.  I love crocheting in the car, but this was getting too big to travel.


Now I get to start something new before we go away this weekend!

Yesterday, I received a lovely squishy from Irene.  It was my mug rug from my swap group.  I chose patriotic this cycle, and this is how Irene sees patriotic.


I think I’ll take it to work and hang it on my cube wall.  thanks Irene!



I think that’s enough for tonight.  On to a new project tomorrow.

Be kind, and keep the residents of Moore, OK in your prayers.



  1. beautiful finishes Sunny,well done ,they will love the quilt.xx

  2. One of my friends lives in Moore, and they had damage to their home, but were okay.. the 9 yr old daughter of her good friend, however, perished in the storm.. please keep that family in particular in your prayers. :( I love your projects, Sunny, and I esp love the colors and pattern of the afghan! xo

  3. Love the baby quilt. Sure it will be well received. OK in my prayers

  4. Nice flowers, Sunny. What a nice thing your friend did to provide that lovely fabric. And what a luck baby that is to recieve that lovely quilt. Glad you liked your mug rug :)

  5. Lovely things to see in this post Sunny. Cute little hexie-flowers, I like the dark centres. Love the baby quilt too - the signatures were a great idea and I am sure it will be well loved. And your afghan - wonderful; I have an urge to start one this winter, I have been collecting wool and yesterday I printed off the instructions..... Oh yes and very cute mug rug!!

  6. Your baby quilt is so cute, I'm sure it will be a much loved treasure.

  7. Great projects! I'm loving the baby quilt.

  8. Love the solid flowers, great colours. The baby quilt is sweet and I do love the afghan too!

  9. The baby quilt is wonderful!! Love your afghan and the little USA hanging. Looks like a happy TA-DA week!

  10. Lovely flowers and an adorable baby quilt that will definitely be loved , it has such character . Gorgeous afghan !

  11. Love your flowers. They have such clear colores.
    And I love the baby quilt. The dog is sooo cute.

  12. Cute quilt and it's so extra cool with the signatures on it. It will be well received - and well loved.

  13. Those solid flowers are the prettiest hexagon flowers I have ever seen. They remind me of a flower thr I've seen in hanging baskets but the name escapes me. It is a vine. Your afghan turned out so pretty too! The colors are perfect for spring. Are you ready for some cooler weather?

  14. I love the TaDa! You do such nice work too every project is beautiful. I'm counting on you going over to my blog to enter for the stash box, get goin'.

  15. Great work with the baby quilt. Love the ideas of the comments etc on the HSTs. Lovely gift.
    The afghan looks wonderful. There is a lot of work involved in the one.
    Have a lovely weekend.


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