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Friday, May 3, 2013

It’s Friday!!

Do you know who Pat Knoechel is?  Well if you don’t, she’s Eleanor Burns’ sister, and she did a presentation at our Guild meeting last night.  She was very personable and fun, and showed us some beautiful quilts.


I think almost everyone in the room purchased a copy of “Quilts from El’s Kitchen”, including yours truly. 


This is the quilt made with all the blocks from the book.  The photo above shows a variation that can be make from one of the blocks.


Another variation of the main quilt.  There are many different variations of color ways and border treatments in the book, AND there’s a recipe to go with each block!  It was a very enjoyable presentation, with Pat even demonstrating how simple it is to make many of the blocks.  I know there will be a quilt like this is my future.

Does anyone remember the Stay At Home Robin that we did several months ago?  Well, mine didn’t quite get finished.  I still need to do an applique border, which I have actually planned on paper.  And then a braid border.

I like the colors of this so much, that I’m also crocheting an afghan in the same colors.


A couple of months ago, I won a gift card to Mad About Patchwork from Kelli’s blog.  I visited their website several times before I placed my order, and I finally decided on some yummy threads.  What did I notice when they arrived?


Your guessed it – they’re the same colors!  I didn’t even realize it when I ordered.  Now I think I need to add another border to my quilt, to incorporate some embroidery.  Or maybe I’ll just work some into the applique border.  What do you think?

Instead of sitting in my car crocheting on said afghan today, I drove around and took pictures of some of the flowering trees in the neighborhood.








Okay, and maybe a few weeds.  Does anyone know what this is?  it was on a very tall stalk out in a weed patch.  I couldn’t get very close to it.




And now I must get to stitching for FNWF.  It’s time for the next step of the baby quilt that I’m making for a co-worker.

Have a wonderful weekend, and be kind.  Sunny


  1. I love that little quilt! Your quilt is turning out great. Thanks for sharing the pictures of flowers - I love dogwood trees the BEST!
    Happy Weekend!!

  2. oh Sunny your work is gorgeous and i always love looking at you nature pics.xx

  3. It's so fun to see what others are working on. Your quilt is so pretty! Love the colors too, you will have a whole room decorated before you know it. The pictures are so pretty.

  4. Love the little Mini with the clothes line..
    Oh Sunny do finish you SAHRR as I just love the colours .Also your Afghan looks great.
    thanks for the flowers.
    Maria X

  5. It is funny how you can end up selecting things in the same colours without even realising it? But the great part is they all match. Have fun finishing your round robin.

  6. What beautiful things you're working on, Sunny. I like to crochet too but don't do much of it in the summertime because it gets too hot sitting under an afghan. Afghans are what I like to crochet most. Your neighborhood is looking lovely. Welcome spring!

  7. I love Eleanor Burns patterns and didn't even know she had a sister! How cool! Your Stay at home Robin is pretty; I love the colors, too. I had been wondering about it from time to time. Did the other girls finish theirs and post pic's?

  8. hi---yes I know of Pat-she usually comes here to town about mid May--but I have not seen if she is coming this year--I almost always go--and spend $$$$$$'s on something---
    love the photos of everything--
    keep stitching too--
    love, di and miss gracie

  9. So glad you're working on your SAHR again. Can't wait to see it finished.
    This color combination thing has happened to me before...definitely an subconscious decision...it's such a surprise when it happens.

  10. Lots of beautiful photos, those quilts are stunning.

  11. I think I know what your favorite colors are now! :) I remember your Stay at Home Robin! It will look good however you finish it. How great to have a guild close by. Hope you're having a great weekend!

  12. Beautiful quilts!! Love the little mini... so cute. Love the colours of your quilt too... and the Afgan of course. Maybe you got that applique border started on FNWF? ;o)

  13. The quilts are beautiful and I love the matching crocheted afghan to match. I always enjoy your lovely photos.

  14. Interesting...never heard of her until now. Thanks for the fun post.

  15. Sounds like fun! I didn't know Eleanor Burms had a quilting sister. I have quite a few of her Quilt in a Day books. They are quite fine.


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