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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Finger Lakes Revisited

I just can’t understand how times flies so fast!  Once again, it’s been two weeks since I’ve posted.  I have done some stitching, but I don’t have any decent pictures, so I’ll have them next time. 

Mr. QD and I decided we enjoyed visiting the Finger Lakes region so much last summer, that we should go back for the long weekend.  And what a perfect weekend it was.  I left work a little early on Thursday so we could drive up and be ready for an early start on Friday. 

Friday found us kayaking on Canadice, the smallest of the Finger Lakes.  We also visited Hemlock and Honeoye. 


The day started out breezy and cool.  We actually paddled with jackets on.  Canadice and Hemlock are the only two of the lakes whose shores are totally undeveloped.  We saw a lot of other paddlers, and it was exhilarating to battle the wind and the waves.  Because of the length and depth of the lakes, and because they are separated by hills, they tend to be very windy, and aren’t exactly ideal for kayaking.

We didn’t get a lot of pictures, because we were rocking and rolling, and my camera was safely tucked into the dry bag most of the time.







After loading up and leaving Canadice, we drove over to Honeoye and had our picnic lunch.  Most of the clouds had departed by then, but it was still windy and chilly.  This lake is circled with vacation homes, so very different from Canadice.



There were also motor boats, which aren’t allowed on Canadice.

IMG_3081We hadn’t seen any birds at the first lake, either.




IMG_3091And they must have a week problem, because this is quite the weed whacker.

On Saturday morning, we got an early start, and headed to Ithaca for the Farmer’s Market.


They have lovely produce, herbs, baked goods, cheeses, maple syrup, all produced within 30 miles of the market.  We purchased some tempting treats and had a tasty lunch as well. 

Before we drove over to the park for kayaking, we made a quick stop at Quilter’s Corner for their Row by Row pattern.  I was a good wife, and didn’t make DH wait in the car for very long.

Ithaca is situated at the lower end of Cayuga Lake, which is the second largest of the lakes.  From our vantage point at the market, we could see kayakers on a creek leading in to the lake.  we went to Allan Treman State Marine Park.  The amazing thing was, they let us in free since we were ‘only’ launching kayaks, not boats.  We usually have to pay double because we’re launching two boats instead of one.



We paddled out to the end of the canal and onto the lake. 







There was a lot of boat traffic on the lake, so we turned around and went back into the canal.  We paddled back into the center of Ithaca.


It was a nice relaxing paddle, going past the Farmer’s Market, and the rowing boathouses for Ithaca College and Cornell University. 

We then went looking for some waterfalls, but the directions for them were not very clear.  We did locate Ithaca Falls, but I think the best part was below us, so not visible for pictures.






We had better luck with waterfalls on Sunday morning.  We made a quick trip into Watkins Glen and Montour Falls.  Sorry Di!  We had breakfast, went to the Pier for a few pictures,







and stopped in at O’Susannah’s for a Row by Row pattern.  Then on to Montour Falls so DH could get pictures of the waterfalls before we had to start the trek home. 


I’m sure we’ll be going back again some day, and we’ll kayak at the end of Seneca Lake next time, and up into the creek.   We both love the Finger Lakes Region, and  the drive is reasonable.  If you live anywhere in the northeast and you like outdoor adventures, waterfalls, beautiful scenery, or wine, I highly recommend a visit.

And now back to some stitching…….Sunny

I don’t understand why this is all laid out properly in the draft, but then goes all over the place when I hit publish.



  1. What a wonderful weekend away. I love seeing all the fabulous places DH and you visit...

  2. sounds like the perfect weekend. and you got some row by row patterns too. lucky gal

  3. What a wonderful time you had Sunny,and boy you take the most amazing pics,thankyou for sharing.xx

  4. Sounds like you had a good weekend. I think I liked the first lake most with the lack of buildings, it must have been very peaceful.

  5. What a wonderful adventurous weekend you had , loved all your photos :-)

  6. It looks like a beautiful visit. The scenery is so pretty.

  7. Love your Story telling, Peggy . Seems you had such a lovely trip once more, so perfect photos :-)

  8. What a lovely time you had here in my neck of the woods!!!
    But now it is time to do some sewing--
    those row by row patterns are going to sew themselves!!!!!!
    hugs, di and miss gracie

  9. Oh it sounds like you had a wonderful time!! And even two quilt shop stops thrown in! Thank you for the great photos!

  10. The post/pictures looked all layed out correctly to me as I was reading. For not having posted in two weeks - this post sure makes up for it. I enjoyed it very much.

  11. Gosh that looks like a lovely part of the country !! !!
    Your photos tell a story all by themselves

  12. We have been lucky to have visited part of this area so it was lovely to look at your pictures. t looks like you have a wonderful time. Markets and quilt shops are a bonus. Lovely area for water activities.

  13. Thank you for sharing such lovely pics Sunny - you & mrQD have some fab times on your weekends & holidays!
    What is the Row By Row pattern?

  14. I'm so glad you enjoyed visiting our state. With such wonderful sites it doesn't get old.

  15. It is such a pretty area of our state. It looks like you had a great time.


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