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Thursday, July 31, 2014

July OPAM and more

It’s been a busy month of small finishes.  Looking back, I’ve finished 2 Snowman wall hangings, 2 doll quilts, at least 15 scrap coasters, and a snowman cross stitch.


This little guy is also my piece for Di’s monthly challenge.  He’s not a gift, he’s just for me!

Upcoming projects will include at least two more doll quilts that have been started,  one featuring hexies.


I have one more hexie started, and will finish it later tonight.  One quilt will have heart appliques, and I’m thinking of making one with a couple of Sunbonnet Sue’s. 

I’ve been asked where the pictures are from my new camera, so here are a few.  We went to a Balloon Fest last Friday night, and although the weather seemed perfect to us, apparently the experts disagreed, so there was not a balloon launch.  We only saw the one balloon that was giving tethered rides.


Saturday found us kayaking at a new-to-us spot.  It was a pretty spot, and not too crowded.








IMG_0115want to see my big feet?

I also took several shot of our bird feeders over the weekend.  I’m really happy with the new camera so far.


We don’t get very exotic birds at our feeder, but we do get a crowd sometimes.

Rain is forecast for this weekend, so instead of kayaking, there’s discussion about rounding up a few more Row by Row patterns for my collection.  I won’t be competing for any prizes, but I’d like to have a fun quilt!

See you tomorrow night for FNWF.

~~ Sunny ~~



  1. The kayaking looks so serene.

    Love the snowman!

  2. You have been busy.
    Lovely sewing projects. Shame about the balloons and the kayaking does look tempting.

  3. Your snowman is really cute! It sounds like you have been busy. It looks so peaceful where you went kayaking! Looks like your new camera takes great pictures.

  4. Well done on those lovely finishes Sunny.....the water looks so good

  5. Lovely photos from your new camera - what sort did you get? Your little snowman is so cute - nice to make something just for you :-)

  6. Pretty pretty photo's. I would love to get a nice camera and take a beginner's class. Looks like fun!

  7. Your cross stitch snowman is very cute..
    Pretty ballon. The one I went up in once was reddy orange , looked like a big tomato....
    You have sew many beautiful places to kayak..

  8. Our balloons go up early in the morning here, usually close to the mountains in Boise, something to do with the air. Pictures look just as great as usual, water looks very cool....

  9. Very cute snowman, and pretty hexies. You have kept busy :)

  10. I was thinking about you and your new camera the last couple days. So I'm glad you have posted some pictures - Wow! You really get great shots.

  11. Ho ho ho--one Christmas project done and how many to go???
    I wished I wasn't afraid to Kayak--
    it sure does look peaceful!!
    (actually it is not the Kayak that scares me--it's the water under the Kayak!!!!)
    Happy stitching in August--
    hugs, di and miss gracie

  12. We are truly kindred spirits because as much as I love sewing, I love birdwatching as much!!! Bea and I started a life list this summer and I foresee a lot of birdwatching vacations in our future!

    Where in the world was the balloon launch going to take place? I really want to go to something like that. Reminds me of when I lived in California...

  13. love your snowman and the hexies are cute too

  14. the little snowman pillow is so cute.
    We used to live in a town that had a balloon festival every year. We loved seeing them.

  15. Love your snowman Sunny! blessings, marlene

  16. Hi Sunny, I am a new follower and love your blog. I like the mix of crafts and beautiful places. You found a lovely area as well as doing a great little ornament. I like the way you finished it! I went back and read your post on the Finger Lakes, one of my favorite places! For years, we lived in Schenectady.

  17. I like a snowman no matter what time of year.


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