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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

. . . stitching and paddling . . .

Yes, I do still stitch, even during the summer months.  I've just finished two snowmen for Christmas gifts.

The pattern called for a wool scarf, but since I didn’t have the required size of wool, I decided to crochet them instead!  I’ve finished the second scarf, and just need to attach it.  I’ll probably add some fringe to the ends as well.

I finished a gift for a blogging friend last month, but I couldn’t show it until it was received by my friend.   And now I find that I don’t have a picture of the completed project!  I tried to steal a copy from her blog, but since I couldn’t, please visit Di if you want to see the house I constructed for her.

For the past month, I’ve been using the scraps from my projects to make coasters/mug rugs.  Our Hospice has a large fundraiser every November, and they’ve put out a call for approximately 500 mug rugs to give out as favors.  Hospice is an organization near and dear to my heart, so I’ll be making as many as I can.  Here is what I made last Friday night. 


Somewhere in the sewing room is another stack, made from the scraps of Di’s house, the purple and green from last month’s scissor keeps, and from the crochet hook caddy that I made.  I probably have about 15 in total now.  some of the designs are dictated by the size and shape of the scraps.  Some are from common block patterns.


We’ve had a lot of rain this summer, and our flowers are all beautiful.  This sunflower was planted by either the birds or the squirrels.  We have a large one and a smaller one in our pots.


Mr. Squirrel was quite entertaining yesterday.







Our kayaking trip this past weekend was on the Nanjemoy Creek, right where it empties into the Potomac River.  We’ve gone there before, and knew that we would be able to take our ‘big boy’ cameras  and lenses.  And we were rewarded.  Eagles, Osprey, Herons, Egrets, and even some butterflies.









Sadly, I have to work five days a week, but another weekend will be here soon!  And Friday is FNSI!!  See you there.




  1. Oh Sunny I love those snowmen, especially with the scarf - perfect touch! You're doing a lovely thing with the mug rugs, they look great. I like your pics of the squirrel, they are so entertaining! Hope you get some good kayaking time!

  2. Oh pick me !!!! I love those snowmen..
    Yes I saw the gorgeous Bless this House" mini you made for Di and her gifts too. Lucky girl.
    WOW lots of lovely Mug rugs there ..
    Also enjoy seeing all your beautiful photos and what fun taking the ones of the squirrel.....
    Have fun kayaking, I am off to Patch as I am liking sewing again. Yeh!! Oh and hubby id well enough to drive sew hes off visiting friends....

  3. I LOVE those snowmen. So cute!!

    We have a lot of sunflowers from the birds or squirrels too. Nice volunteers!!!

  4. Christmas in July is perfect; love your two snowmen :-)Lovely blog post with the sweet squirels and the sun flower plants. Thanks for such a nice comment on my blog and happy more summerdays ahead :))

  5. Gorgeous snowmen. They will be great gifts.
    Love those sunflowers. They are such cheerful flowers.
    Great photos from the weekend. And the weather looks perfect.

  6. those snowmen are so darn cure...and so are those squirels

  7. Love your snowmen....lots of great photos and the weather looks perfect for outdoor activity !!

  8. Aww, your squirrel pic's were so cute!!! And those snowmen are adorable!!

  9. You have been busy--inside and outside--love all your quilt projects--and those snowmen make me feel so coooooolllllll!!!!
    and I want to go take some of those kinds of photos with you--am tired of just taking flower and duck photos!!!!
    hugs, di and miss gracie

  10. I so love your pictures of the birds - thankgoodness you have such a good camera. I think this scarf is cuter and better than a wool one - just my opinion. :-)

  11. Love your snowmen and great little mugrugs for your worthy cause . Love your photos , you sure see some interesting wildlife :-)

  12. We could use a snowman or two during these hot, hot days. Creative to crochet the scarf.

  13. Oh your Frosties are toooo cute! Love them! What a beautiful post. I loved seeing all the gorgeous photos you took. The squirrels...so sweet xx

  14. love your snowmen!
    what a nice idea Hospice has. we used to have a squirrel that walked the electric wires to get to the next tree. didnt matter if there was traffic or not. he just walked as if he were on solid ground. they are funny. and menacing at the same time

  15. Your snowmen are very cute Sunny. Frosty morning for us today so they do not seeem out of place at all! Your photos are gorgeous - I always love seeing them.

  16. Those snowmen are fabulous! And the pics of the wildlife are wonderful..

  17. Such pretty pictures. I sew all year round too.

  18. YOu always have such great nature photos. The one with the big nests is cool.


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