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Monday, August 4, 2014

FNWF and Weekend Report

Not much time to post tonight, but I wanted to post my results from FNWF.  I stayed up extremely late Friday night, finishing 2 doll quilts.







I had planned to make one more doll quilt, but then I got inspired on Saturday, so there will probably be two more.

On Saturday, we were planning to go to southern Maryland for kayaking, and to meet up with a fellow blogger.  However, Mother Nature decided that was not a good plan, so DH and I went to Lancaster County, PA instead.  If you’re not familiar with Lancaster County, it is the home of a large Amish population.  Our purpose in going was to visit the downtown Farmer’s Market for lunch, pasta, produce, and bread.  We then went to three quilt shops to pick up Row by Row patterns.  These FREE patterns are getting to be expensive!  I don’t know about you, but if I go into a store to get something free, I feel the need to purchase something.  I need to get over that.  Anyway, I came home with 3 ‘free’ patterns, the kit for one of them, and some small amounts of fabric, a pattern, and a new thimble. 

Some of the sights in Lancaster County include two little Amish boys, and they’re wearing Crocs!  I know this is a bad picture, but I deliberately cropped out the father because his face was showing.

AmishKidLancaster - Copy

We saw a lot of mules, and either ponies or miniature horses.  I’m not sure what they’re used for.  Perhaps the mules are used in the fields?


It’s not often that we see tobacco growing around here!


Horse and buggies are very common.  Although I actually see them every day in the town where I work.


This quilt was actually hanging outside one of the quilt shops.  I want to go back up there sometime soon with another quilter.  I would have liked to visit many of the shops, and even roadside stands.  DH was a good sport about going, but he sure doesn’t like to poke around in all the shops.  We drove by one farm that advertised quilts, and he just kept on driving.  No quilter would have considered such behavior!!

I must go now to read your blogs and send some emails.  Hope everyone is having a great week.

~ ~ Sunny ~ ~



  1. Hi Sunny fasinating pics the amish have always intrigued me with their simple ways of living,thankyou for sharing.xx

  2. Sounds like a great weekend to me! You got some great photos too. Is it just me or is the mule in that photo smiling! That is a gorgeous quilt hanging outside the shop! I hope you get a chance to go back. I know exactly what you mean, I feel guilty if I don't buy something when I go in a quilt shop, even if there is no free pattern. lol

  3. Looks like a perfect day with the Amish, I will look forward to seeing your patterns :)

  4. Sounds likje the row-by-row experience is a fun one, getting to explore new horizons and shops. Great to hear about your Amish adventures too. Your doll quilts are very sweet, two finishes in one night is a great tally!

  5. Cute doll quilts...
    You had a lovely day out and I love the pics.....
    You are like me, feel guilty if you don't purchase something when you go to get your free RBR....

  6. I always wanted to visit the Amish country, their quilts were amazing & then we went to one of their quilt auctions in OK and the quilts weren't like the ones I saw in the books.... I felt bad for them, having to live in OK with no air conditioner but their food was absolutely wonderful!

  7. cute doll quilts--
    and I know that small quilts can be addicting!! so be careful!!!
    Amish children are so cute--and I love those mules and donkeys too!!
    I need to do some sewing!!!
    hugs, di and miss gracie

  8. I don't think I have ever seen Amish communities here.
    The doll quilts are very cute.

  9. cute little doll quilts and I always love your exploring...

  10. I just love the picture of the two little boys in their crocs.

  11. nice pics and yes free can many times be expensive. love the "tour". Amish country is so pretty and it is interestingly a very different life.

  12. Lovely quilts and thanks for sharing your story of the Amish...

  13. I love visiting the Lancaster area and of course some quilt shop stops are a necessity. Doesn't hubby know that? LOL Way before I got into quilting I visited an Amish quilt store determined to buy a quilt for our king bed but couldn't once I saw the price. I bought placemats instead. Now I know better. That quilt was definitely worth what they were charging for it.

  14. We have visited Lancaster county twice, but it has been many years ago. I would love to go again. Loved your pic's. That little hexie doll quilt is wonderful! You are having fun with those, aren't you?

  15. We have visited Lancaster county twice, but it has been many years ago. I would love to go again. Loved your pic's. That little hexie doll quilt is wonderful! You are having fun with those, aren't you?

  16. Don't you just love those donkeys? The little boys sure are cute - and wearing crocs - that's even cuter! You certainly are finding good uses for all those hexies, making darling little doll quilts.

  17. That has to be one of the best places to visit. We don't get to Lancaster County every visit, but we try as often as possible.
    I would stop at every quilt shop with you!

  18. I love your doll quilts! I made some hexies flowers this summer and wasn't sure what to do with them. You've inspired me with yours! Is the background one big piece, or individual squares for each flower?

  19. Yay for staying up late! That hexie doll cute is very pretty!

    I think that's the whole point of the "free" patterns--to get you to come into the shop and spend a little green cash money;) Loved the photos from Lancaster. I have NEVER seen an amish person wearing crocs here, and I see them almost daily. Usually the children are completely barefoot. There are a lot of mules here too. I always ask about all the animals because I have the kids with me and they want to know, and they breed a male donkey with a female draft horse to get super large mules for pulling the farm equipment. I've never seen smaller mules. I wonder why they breed them. I'd ask, of course!


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