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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Is it even possible?

is it even possible to only make one flower on One Flower Wednesday?  Not for me!  They're just too addicting.  I quilted for almost 4 hours last night, and my back is killing me today.  I was very happy to have a project that could be worked on in the comfort of my recliner.
I think I have a new favorite each week, too.  This is my newest favorite!!

Not the greatest picture, but trust me - it's beauuuutiful!  I see more of these in my future.

When I was looking at my photos tonight, I realized that I forgot to post this the other day.  Look at the sails on these boats!  I can't wait to get started on this.  Maybe next week? ? ?

Check out the time on this post.  It's about 10 minutes earlier than a typical Wednesday.

Counting my blessings.........Sunny


  1. And your right is a very nice one. Have a nice day.

    Gr Annemieke.

  2. Love you hexies sunny and that stitchery is gorgeous.
    Very Dutch.

  3. Sometimes a sore back is worth it! I really like your new favourite this week and the stitchery is a great one. Fabulous sails!

  4. Wonderful flowers! Your favorite is my favorite too! The stitchery looks like a fun one with the quilt block sails. I like the saying on it too.

  5. Love those hexies--I really should get back to mine--but I keep telling myself that they are better to keep for this summer to do!!!!
    and that blue cross stitch is really cute--so go get it started!!!!
    hugs, di and that miss gracie

  6. I love your flowers! Missing one Wednesday,it is great to see the lot.Your garden is growing bigger and bigger!!
    Good luck on the boats:-)

  7. Wow, I like all your flowers. And I agree they're so addicting you just can't stop! I really like the sailboats...is it cross stitch? It's gonna be beautiful!

  8. The small flowers make that a stunning flower.

  9. Hi Sunny
    Your hexie Flowers are beautiful...Hope your back is feeling better,,Love the sails...I would like to know also if it is a cross stitch?


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