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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Meet Pansy and Faith

This is Miss Pansy, who has come all the way from New Zealand to live with me.  She was made by my dear friend Cat,of Catalina's Cottage, who dislikes the color yellow, but did a fantastic job on her.  Did you notice the pansy buttons?  She brought along some darling felt Easter eggs, and some wonderful chocolate eggs with pineapple/marshmallow filling.  Ummm....they didn't last long enough to get a photo.

And here is Auntie Faith!  I finally got her to the sewing room tonight, got her threaded, and sewed a few beautiful seams. 

She was made in the late 30's, but I'll have to do some research to get more specific.  I've been wanting to own a featherweight for awhile, and finally got the chance.  I've heard such great reports about the way they stitch, and from what little I've tried, I think I'll be very happy.

This is what my ironing board looks like right now.

This is what I'll be taking to the Post Office on Monday.  I have a quilt, hexagons for the Inchy Swap, blocks for Block Swap Adventure, and blocks for the Quick Christmas Bee.  The only thing missing is my tax return.  Must get that finished and ready to go.  I've never waited this long before, and we're actually getting a refund!

I did a little cross stitching last night for FNSI, but not enough to show.  I worked several 12-hour days this week, so I was ready for bed pretty early.  And I brought work home for the weekend, too.  YUK.  I did get some cards made today, but now I must head for bed again.

Goodnight from Chloe and Sunny! 


  1. I couldn't dare brave a photo of my ironing board, my sewing room is a complete shambles AGAIN and I need a new ironing board cover.

  2. How weird is this..... we had a cat called chloe, so what's weird about that.... just we have the same name too......... Must be great minds think alike. Hugs.

  3. Miss Pansy is beautiful in in Yellow Dress and top.
    Auntie Faith looks like she will give hours of great work.
    Hope you have had enough rest now.

  4. Miss Pansy is adorable... and I lovee your machine! Happy Easter.

  5. oh-my-Pansy is a cutie--and miss gracie would love to play with her--me--I would love to play with Auntie Faith!!!!
    hugs--di and miss gracie


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