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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Random Thoughts and Confessions

Have you ever read this blog and wondered "I wonder why Sunny doesn't show us many finished quilts?"  Well, I'm here today to try to explain. 

I have a sickness, but I'm not sure of it's scientific diagnosis.  I want to (and often do) start every project that interests me!!  But then I find something else that interests me before that project is completed.  Part of the problem is that I spend too much time here:

So for all of you who are on my reading list, or anywhere else in blogland for that matter - you are to blame.  Where do you think I find most of my inspiration, after all???

I also spend too much time here:

Now see what you made me do?  I just wanted to take a picture of quilting books on Amazon, and one is coming to live with me!  It really is a sickness.

You have to understand, it's not just quilting that I'm in love with.  I've also rediscovered my passion for cross stitching, and now I'm learning embroidery.  And let's not forget crocheting, but it's lower on the list.

I work in healthcare, and a nurse recently suggested that I may have ADD.  I had never considered that - but perhaps I do!  It happened again last night.  I sat down to work on a cross-stitch ornament that I had started.  (My back has been bothering me, so I'm just working on small hand projects right now.)  I had an inspiration, so I put that down, and made a couple of prototype ornaments out of hexies.  The jury is still out on them.  So then I started a NEW cross stitch project! 
Whenever I start a new project, I make up a little project kit with all my threads and a pair of scissors along with the pattern.  There are a LOT of project kits around here.  This way I can grab something whenever I'm going anywhere that will involve "wait" time.  As a sideline, I've also been purchasing lots of cute little embroidery scissors.  Maybe that will be another post some day.

I have tons of embroidery floss from my earlier days, but I almost always have to purchase a couple of colors that I'm missing.  And you know what that means - - retail therapy!  Last night I stopped for ONE spool of quilting thread, and well, let's just say that was a very expensive spool of thread!  And now I have to go back because I started yet another project!

I also make hexagon flowers each week for One Flower Wednesday, and I exchange hexie flowers in the Inchy swap. 

And let's not forget the yoyo's.

After seeing all these projects, I think I'm inspired to get to work!  See y'all around, and maybe someday I'll even complete a quilt again.

Counting my blessing...and my projects....Sunny


  1. LOL! You sound so much like me!!!!! I so enjoy reading all of the blogs out there. Then I see something I just have to check out so that means a click over to Amazon or one of the many online fabric stores, and then to compare prices.......
    I am constantly starting new projects and can't wait to start others. I think many of us suffer from the same disease. I don't think it's ADD it's just the fact that we want to do it ALL. So I would call it the ALL disease - lol

  2. I call it QADD, Quilters Attention Deficient Disorder. I have a classic case and the only thing that seems to help is another project rolling around in my brain.

  3. I'm exactly the same. I've decided it is the journey, not the destination - that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!

  4. I can relate, and YOU actually were that one that told me to get off the computer one day, I listened and I finished my 1st quilt! So thanks for that. : )

  5. he he - I know the feeling!! I think I have QADD!! I don't think its a bad thing as creativity and inspiration is what makes the world go round! My excuse is that I need to have a project for every mood and every situation :-) However a few finished projects would be nice so I'm trying to be a bit more disciplined this year! Enjoy!!

  6. I bought that book also... and received it a few days ago! Also have lots of projects on my working table and around and on my head as well! It may seem a coincidence but you will need it to make my blocks for our Quick Christmas Bee next May!

  7. I have one question for you - are you having fun? That's really all that matters. :-)

  8. Hee heee... I guess I must have ADD too :) Glad there are more of us around!! At least you sound like you are very organized in your ADD-ness!!

  9. OH I thought that was normal. Only reason I get some finishes is beacuse I don't work.
    Just enjoy what you are doing my friend.

  10. Hello I just discovered you blog today. You certainly create some lovely quilts and stitcheries. I am a hopeless book addict. I love them all so much. I have the one you just bought because I love to do CQ. Do you also crochet. Is the wee yellow basket on your header croched or tatted?? It is very pretty. Hugs Judy

  11. Oh welcome to my world!!!!!
    It's just soooo addictive blogging and to start something new...I must confess though that I do finish-albeit a little slower than I would like but I know how much time I spend on the dreaded puter! Enjoy your time no matter how you spend it... that's my motto! :)

  12. Oooo, I really did enjoy reading your post :-) and couldn't help laughing.
    I DO find, I spend too much of my sparetime at the computer too. But it is soooo interesting to see, what quilters around the world are doing.
    Great idea - making small kits.

  13. Thanks for visiting my blog. You are not alone with crafters ADD!!! I just have to rush on to start a new project before I finish the first. This year I'm determined to finish one thing at a time!

  14. No Sunny, I never have noticed that you don't finish much. I do remember you finishing up (putting the binding on) about 4 quilts not to long along. But that's not the point of quilting. It's to have fun. I love seeing the things you work on. So keep going and entertaining and inspiring me! OK?


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