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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Fantastic Mail Day!

O.M.G. - O.M.G.!!!  I received my May block today for Block Swap Adventure from Gina.  She was concerned that I hadn't received it yet, and I told her that when it arrived, I would blog about its beauty to the entire world.  So here it is world.  It's a beauty!  And it came wrapped in some of the leftover fabric.

I also received my Secret Santa Sack today.  My partner is Laura Q.  She was worried that I might not like My sack because she's  not a quilter.  I told her it didn't need to be quilted.  I know that she paints, so I suggested she might paint on a canvas bag.  And so she did.  Is this amazing or what?

It is so elegant with the fabric flowers, the painting, and the fringe.  Thank you Laura, I absolutely love it!  And it's filled with Christmas presents.  Instead of send 2 gifts each month until Christmas, i think she sent them all at one time.  And I'm not allowed to open them until Christmas, of course.  ooh, that will be very difficult for me.

In other news, dh and I are going away for the weekend, just to get out of the house.  On Saturday, we're driving down Skyline Drive, so I might take a picture or two to share.

Thank you all so much for your words of comfort and support.  We'll just be taking it one day at a time, trying to remain strong and positive.  Your prayers and good thoughts are very much appreciated.

. . . . . . . Sunny . . . . . . .


  1. Sunny that is a real pretty block and the bag is so pretty with the painted flowers and the fring she put on it goes so well and it bieng filled with gifts is super idea ,I am happy hear you are going on a nice drive and can't wait to see you photos I wish you and hubby a nice time.xoxo theodora
    p.s. the problem with blogger seems solved.

  2. So glad you received your block. I hope the colours are what you wanted and it made you smile. I very much enjoyed making your block and I love the one you made for me. thank you for being my partner
    The bag is gorgeous and maybe you'll need a bit of help not opening the gifts till Xmas!!

    Enjoy your drive and waiting to see your pics.
    warm wishes

  3. I love the block and bag. I'm glad to see that it lifted your spirit. :) Enjoy your drive.

  4. Sunny what a gorgeous basket block and Santa sack you received.

    It will be very hard for us NOT to open our gifts till Christmas. I may ask DH to hid them from me. LOL

    Have a lovely time on your outing and look forward to seeing your photos.


  5. The bag and the block are just beautiful! Enjoy your drive.

  6. How exciting!! The basket block is the prettiest I've seen and then the bag!! Too pretty also!!

  7. what a beautiful bag,Laura is a good painter the roses are beautiful

  8. Your santa sack is great and could be used any time of the year. Love your little block also

  9. Oh WOW! What a wonderful "sack" you received. So pretty and usable and PeRsOnAl! This is FUN!

  10. The santa sack is wonderful. Laura did well with that.

  11. Your block is so pretty and i absolutely love your santa sack,lucky you Sunny


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