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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Saturday - Plan B

Check out this beautiful mountain scenery from our drive today.  You might notice that there are no mountains in sight!

At our first stop, we tried to take pictures of wildflowers, but it was too breezy for macro photography.

Every time we got out of the car to take pictures, it started raining.  Our original plan for the day was to drive the entire length of Skyline Drive, from north to south.  We were going to spend the night somewhere near the sourthern end, and then kayak somewherre around there on Sunday.  Perhaps we should have looked at a map when we were making this plan?  The lake we had in mind was much further south than we realized, and had we gone there, we would have had a very long drive home on Sunday.  So we decided to cut short our drive, return home for the night, and then we'll kayak in PA on Sunday. 

As we decided to leave Skyline Drive, look what happened.  Ta da - the sun came out!

Here are   some more miscellaneous pics of the awesome skies.

We did enjoy our day, however.  Hubby took me to a little dive he's discovered, for breakfast.  And it was nice to get out of the house.  And I always prefer sleeping in my own bed. Speaking of which, that's where I should be right now.
  . . . . . . counting my blessings.......Sunny


  1. Beautiful photos- thanks for sharing.

  2. Lovely scenery, I always think being on top of a mountain in fog is spooky!

  3. Gorgeous photos - nice to read you had a lovely day out - sometimes these escapisms are what we need

  4. Great photos , even if the sun wasn't out on the skyline .

  5. Thanks for sharing your day with us Sunny. Those photos of the scenery and the flowers were refreshing.


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