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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Thank you Kate!

I received a wonderful squishy envelope from Kate a couple of days ago.  We swapped some fabric to expand our flower gardens.  My fingers have been itching to be stitching, and this is what I created tonight.
The fabric pieces that she sent me are perfect for making 8 petals, so I'll be able to make 6 petals, and 2 centers for other flowers.  The colors are perfect to blend in with what I already have, and they're the tiniest little prints.  I just love them.  Thanks so much for the swap, Kate.  If you don't have yous yet, they should be there any time now.  I made it to the Post Office a couple of days later than you did.

At lunchtime today, I reallllly needed to get out of the office, so I decided a little retail therapy was in order.  I went to a nearby Antique flea market to do some treasure hunting.  In a very short time, I was able to scoop up these treasures:

This is a tiny little 'bag'.  Not sure what I'll do with it, but it was too sweet to pass up.

I have just the perfect project in mind for this monogrammed hankie, and the buttons?  Well I just can't pass up nice buttons.  I will find a good use for them.

Thanks for you kind comments and emails from yesterday's post.  I had to deal with something very difficult today, but I made it through, and I'm feeling much better tonight.  Friends, flowers, and new buttons can help ease the pain.

Counting my blessings......Sunny


  1. What a great idea to swap some fabric like that. Your 'new' fabric is very sweet - and has made lovely flowers. I like the treasures you found during your lunch break, I'm sure you will have fun with them. Hope your day is going well. hugs, Raewyn

  2. Beautiful fabric makes beautiful flowers!!! Wonderful treasures and I am glad you are feeling much better today.

  3. You are so welcome Sunny...it has been such an exciting swap...Thank you so much for your fabric which is fabulous...It just arrived in todays post..Now can you guess what i will be doing ???
    Thank you and Thank you again..Hugs
    Kate xxx

  4. How lucky you are to have an antique market near by!! Some lovely treasures,and I adore the hexagon ... always:-)

  5. The flowers are darling. Great finds at the antique store!

  6. You are right that is a cute little crochet bag and the hankie has your initial right! I love going to the flea market ,but I haven't been able to since we just recently moved to the flat obove us and my house is slowly bieng put together and my fabrics are now put in a big closet so it doesn't clutter up the living room I really need to cut back with the fabric,soon I will get organized again. xoxo theodora

  7. I just love going to antique and flea market places.Enjoy your treasures.

  8. Nothing like shopping to make you feel like you've had a mini vacation! I love your soft yellow hexie, it is my favorite. the others are beautiful too!


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