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Monday, May 2, 2011

Flower Baskets

I guess I missed May Day, so instead of May baskets, I'll show some flower baskets.  Up first is the block I received from Colleen for April's Block Swap Adventure.  Isn't this awesome?  The flowers are wool, and very nicely done.

Sorry, I'm too tired to fight with Blogger tonight.  It wants the basket rotated, so rotated it is.  I continue to be amazed each month when I get my basket block.  They're all different, but they go together beautifully.  It's exciting to add to my blocks each month.

Hubby brought home real flowers a few days ago.  I'll have to try to photograph them in better light, because these aren't very flattering.  I love red geraniums and he love Gerbera daisies.

I've been working on swaps and exchanges, and I'm still working with my mini hexies.  I'm making major progress with the hexies, so you'll be seeing them soon.

Wonky stars for the Quick Christmas Bee

April blocks for Block Swap Adventure

May block for Block Swap Adventure
I really like this star pattern
I've also made my hexagon flowers for the Inchy Swap for May
And I made some blocks for a Bee at Margaret's Hope Chest

I'll leave you with this photo, which represents an extremely rare event. 

I've never seen the three of them this close to each other.  The middle one, Zippy, who is now 4, has never been accepted by the small orange cat, and I can't believe that they're all on the same piece of furniture at the same time.

Counting by blessing......and my cats.....Sunny


  1. Great blocks. They'll make some wonderful quilts

    Love and hugs Gina xxx

  2. Wow! Such great photos! I LOVE the wool flowers. Very nice. I do love wool:)

    Those wonky star blocks are really neat too. I like that look a lot!

    Love your plants you bought. Our weather here is just so non-springy lately that I haven't had the gumption to go and buy my spring plants yet. I should get on that this week though because come Mother's Day, there won't be much left to pick over.

    By showing your hexies, you reminded me that I need to get on making one today :D Thanks!

  3. It is absolutely stunning. This is a complete and perfect STAR. Thank you. Can't wait to see it here!

    I love the pic of three kitties. Mine too were a bit 'aware' of the young one - but after 18 years together I don't think they can be apart anymore.

    Gina xx

  4. I sure do love that star pattern too! It will make a stunning quilt. What a sweet pic! They are all on the same blanket, awww...!

  5. Your kitties are too funny-sometimes they just decide to tolerate each other. I do love that star block!

  6. Wow, I really like the basket block you received with the wool flowers. Very pretty. Your May block for BSA is really nice too. I'm not a cat person but all my kids love cats and they would love this pic of your cats sharing the sofa!

  7. Oh,you have a lot to show,Lovely! And yes, the basket flowers are great. Nice 2 real flowers too. We are in for the best spring this year,I
    have heard,hope it is true:-)

  8. The mind boggles at all the different shapes. Your lovely post was like looking through a kaleidiscope , a different pattern in every frame. Especially liked the first block.

  9. Wow! You have been BUSY! All the flowers, wool, real and hexie are beautiful! The star block for the swap is really cool.

    And the kitties! They are really adorable. Hopefully the orange kitty will finally accept Zippy.


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