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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

OASS - Winter

I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm ready for Winter!  I just got the most amazing package from Grandma Rockton for my Once a Season Swap - Winter.  As you may recall, we're going by the current seasons 'down under'.  I thought I might have to go buy a wide angle lens to get it all in one shot!
She sent one of everything!
A snowman mug, some dark chocolate hot chocolate, note card, a book...
a journal, a notepad, a wee little sock monkey, some Christmas fat quarters, tea towels, and did I mention a quilt?

DH went back to work today.  What do you think he'll say if he comes home and the a/c is set on 60, and I'm snuggling under my new cozy quilt?
Thank you Sandra!  It's all totally wonderful.  Even the 'bonus' fabric!  Everything was tucked safely into a nice box, and there was a bow around all of it - made of extra binding - just the right size to cut up for hexies.  heehee.   I'll be smiling all day as I think of all this loot.  What a wonderful surprise.

Counting my blessings.....and my loot....Sunny


  1. Wow that's a lovely package, I bet you were thrilled. Sounds like Hubby is doing okay if he is back at work...really pleased. Hugs Linda x

  2. What a nice surprise package! Beautiful items - the quilt is so pretty and the sock monkey adorable! And chocolate? Who can resist that? And the best news is that your hubby is back to work.! YAY!!!

  3. Looks like you have been spoiled with your package ,lots of great things ! Good news that your hubby is back to work .

  4. A great way to celebrate your hubby going back to work! What a lovely lot of goodies :-)

  5. WOW what an amazing swap package - Sandra was VERY generous to me also when she was my swap partner.
    Looking for some good swaps out there in blog land - have you seen any?

  6. What cool treasures you've gotten with your swap. Just a bit envious here.

  7. What a nice surprise! I love the sock monkey:)

  8. Your so very WELCOME! (yes, you can use pic) the sock monkey is beause the factory was located her in Rockford during the war (II) and everyone should have one to carry any burdens for you. ENJOY!

  9. What a lovely bundle of goodies!! Enjoy!!!

  10. Wow!! What amazing goodies. You are a very lucky girl! Yes the heat is bad, and the humidity too!! 60 sounds like the perfect temp to me! Cheryl..
    polkadotsandrickrack (for some reason goggle won't let me sign in!!)


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