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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Smiles and Frowns

I have been wanting to go kayaking, but hubby hasn't been up to it.  This weekend, I suggested that he help me load my boat, unload it at the lake, and he could spend some quality time in his lounge chair, soaking up some sun reading and/or napping.  So that was the plan for today.  But first, we loaded my bike into the back of the car to take it in for new tires and a tune-up.  Now that I'm home during the day, I could be getting some exercise, and using the bike instead of the car for quick errands.  It would be good for me, good for the environment, and good for my wallet! 

So, we loaded up the bike and my kayak, dropped off the bike, and drove to within a couple of miles of our lake destination, when I remembered that our paddles weren't in the car.  We usually keep them in there all summer, but moved them the day of his surgery so that we could fit 4 people in the car.  I won't repeat what I said when this thought came to mind.  Because I'm a lady.  And I don't want you to think I use those words.  But I do.  And I did.  It's too far to return home for the paddles and return to the lake today.  :-(

We drove into the nearby town, where hubby wanted to visit a small craft brewery.  I didn't go in, but took a few flower pictures in the parking lot and crocheted.

I never leave home without my camera, because I never know when I might need it.   :-)

Here's another huge smile.  I received this beautiful block from Sara, for the BSA.  Another wonderful contribution for my basket quilt.    :-)     :-)    I just love the way she placed the flowers in the basket.
Last night, I was supposed to Skype with my friend Cat, but I totally forgot about it.  We went to dinner with friends, and then they came over to the house for awhile.  So I remembered tonight, and downloaded Skype.  Cat and I connected, but she couldn't hear me.  We could see each other, and I could hear her "Mary Poppins" accent.  I hope I can figure out what my problem is with sound.     :-)       :-(

In looking back, I was very disappointed about not kayaking, but the smiles far outweigh the frowns today.  Tomorrow morning I'll be Hospice-sitting, and then perhaps  we'll make it to the river for a little paddling??

Counting my blessings.....and my smiles....Sunny


  1. So sorry about your paddles!! Love your beautiful flowery photos, so that was a definite plus...and that amazing block you received..so wonderful!! Such a wonderful upbeat post despite the little glitches!!

  2. Loving "Mary Poppins" accent lol - hope you sort out the sound issues soon so I can hear your American accent xxx
    Smiles outweighing frowns is always good

  3. At least you found something to enjoy of the day. You got some lovely pictures and a bit of crocheting done.........

    We all make those errors.......

  4. Yes I would also have been angry to have discovered the missing paddles and said a few BAD words.
    What a beautiful block Sunny.

  5. Oh Sunny, you are so funny! I like the way you wrote this post - being lady like and not repeating the words! LOL!! So glad you had a good day! Beautiful flowers!


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