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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Bits and pieces

Pretty skies on Friday

Saturday Irene skies
I live just above the 'W' in Washington DC
We started getting some rain bands mid afternoon today.  We are just on the edge of the storm, and don't expect any damage.  We hope.  Prayers for all those who have been and will be more seriously impacted.

I made a trip to Borders today to see how the sale is going.  I wandered around for awhile and picked up a stack of books.

I believe I've mentioned a time or three that I love books.

I didn't realize the irony of my selection until I pulled these out to photograph!
I will really miss Borders.  Thank goodness for Amazon.com.

I went to an antique market on Wednesday, and bought a really cool frame.  Unfortunately, it's still in the car, and it's really raining right now, so no photo.  I did take a picture of this in the market, though.
How cool is this?
On Thursday, I met a new friend for lunch, and then we went to a new-to-me quilt store.  It was a wonderful afternoon.  My new friend is Marianne from Life @RuffHaven.  She's the first quilting blogger that I"ve met, and I just love her!  If you don't already 'know' her, pop on over to her blog for a visit. 

I saw a picture of a quilt that I really liked the other day, and it uses hexies, of all things.  I've been a hexie-making fool since then.  I think I only need 29 flowers, so it shouldn't take me too long.

Speaking of hexies, I received my August flowers from Dawn in the UK.  THe colors are beautiful, and will fit right into my flower garden.

I've noticed that I've gained a few new followers this week.   Welcome!  If you're here for the Stay At Home Robin, you can find the information on a seprate page link, listed just under my header picture.  It's not too late to join the party!  We've been working on our center blocks, and I'll be posting the first border assignment on September 1.  If you get started right away, you'll be able to catch up in no time.  If you have any questions, or need info to get to the flickr site, comment here and I'll get back to you.  Here's my center block:

I guess it's time so stop rambling now.  One last note.  I have a job interview on Thursday, so if you could say a little prayer or send some good vibes, all will be appreciated. 

Stay safe!!!!!!!!!!!!       Sunny


  1. I am praying for you guys hon, stay safe! I don't like the sound of all the spin-up tornadoes. I'm praying you keep your power too. I'm glued to the coverage tonight - my niece is in Brooklyn.
    Nice stack of books - I'll miss Borders too. Have you tried The Book Depository? They're in the UK, but have free shipping worldwide, and mostly are cheaper than Amazon.

    Love your flowers and SAHR! Stay safe, hon!

  2. Best wishes! I hope your interview goes well and that you are safe through the storm.

  3. Will be thinking of you in the storm and for your interview :-)
    The centre of your Round Robin is lovely - oops haven't started mine yet- we will do some designing this week!!
    An interesting selection of books there - and interesting to see one titled "New Zealand'!! Yaay!

  4. What a sweet little bird on the centre of your block:-) Love the hexies,you will have a super quilt in the end!
    Stay safe you and all of the hurricane;do hope it calmes down quickly.

  5. Prayers for those in the path of Irene, and for your interview, and your hubby. Love your round robin center block, and your sunflower hexies! Adorable. And how sweet is that tricycle!? :) Stay safe this weekend. Hugs!

  6. I hope Irene goes by and you may be safe.I've been following the news here in Portugal. Love your hexies. I've been doing some too.

  7. Keep safe.... I hope you can find a nice place to hide and stitch..... love your little block you have made...

  8. Hope the storm missed you, we have been watching it on our news, stay safe. Hey good news about the interview, sending those good vibes over the water. Hugs xx

  9. thinking of all the folk who are in the path of Irene. Hope you stay safe my friend.
    Oh I would love that bike for my GGD.She would love it.
    Your Yellow and Brown Hexies look fabulous. Just like a Sunflower. Is that your project??
    Nice flowers from Dawn too.
    Yes love the bird on your centre. after looking at all the others I may make a new centre!!
    Lots of good wishes sent your way for the interview on Thursday. XX

  10. I actually had to run some errands yesterday..... wasn't too bad. Still a little rainy up here in PA....

    Hope you had a great sewing/reading day!

  11. Your block is so cute - love those buttons!
    Lots of good thoughts for your job interview!

  12. the brown basketweave fabric looks great in your hexies.
    I had a great time on Thirsday and lokk forward to getting together again.

  13. Irene was definitely a pushy broad and I'm glad she's gone and you've survived. :-)

    Lots of wonderful eye-candy!


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