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Monday, August 22, 2011

Today's post brought to you . . .

By the color GREEN!  As hubby and I were driving down the highway over the weekend, I was amazed by the lush 'greenness' of our surroundings.  Believe me, green is not normally a color associated with August around here.  So I decided it was time to celebrate green.
Seriously, green and August are not usually used in the same sentence around here.
Green flag marks which entrance to go to at the Medical Center for the Cancer Center.

ugh...grocery shopping

All ready for my morning cup of tea
three new tomatoes!
my under-used kayak.  poor thing.

And last, but certainly not least....How about some Green trees!  Quilty green trees that is.

If you like either of these, and you know you do, you'll want to go HERE to see what Linda and Stephanie have up their sleeves for a new Quilt Along!  there's still plenty of time to get signed up, and you'll have a lovely quilt in plenty of time for Christmas.

Counting my blessings.....Sunny


  1. Haha! Love the green theme, especially the green melon guy at the end of your post.

  2. Double Ugh for grocery shopping! My favorite pic here is the deck chair ready for morning tea. Is that book on the arm "The Help"? I'm getting ready to read that one myself. Kayaking is on my list of things to do someday.

    Love your "green" post today!

  3. LOVE all the green - especially that quilt and the watermelon, lol!

  4. Oh YEH!! we also have lots of GREEN WEEDS. LOL

  5. LOVE the green tree quilt but seriously don't want to commit to any more before Christmas Waaaaaa

  6. GREEN! My favorite color :) I see the book The Help is on your chair arm - loved that one!! The QAL looks like fun but I just don't need one more thing to fill up my calendar. I look forward to watching your progress :)

  7. I love your green theme, too, and LOVE the green trees quilt! :)

  8. Greens are always so lovely and fresh.... the quilt is lovely... very sweet and pretty... I have earmarked it but not sure I can do it this year!!! I wish for more time!

  9. I love this green post. Makes me feel so calm and relaxed. Love the last watermellon one too. Where are you in The Help? Praying for your interview. Oh, and as for that center in the Round Robin. Would you believe I finally was about to start and I got sick? Okay so maybe tonight before I change my mind about the colors or design.


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