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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thrifty Thursday?

I knew I should have stayed home today, but hubby asked me to pick up a prescription for him.  Once I was out of the house, I decided to pay a quick visit to a nearby antique market.  I left there, picked up the prescription, which I then took to the Pharmacy, and then went to the thrift store while waiting for script to be filled.  Not counting his meds, I spent about $20 today.  But look what I got!!!!
$2!!!!  I'll be getting out the paint can tomorrow.
$5.75 for two baskets
$2 - a splurge, but I thought it would perfectly match some fabric that I bought yesterday, and it does!

$4.50 for two frames They'll be painted too.

$3 for all these sheets and pillowcases!

And now I need some advice.  Remember this from last night?
I really like the design, but I was afraid the colors might be too 'modern' for my tastes.  Today, I added two borders, and now I'm in love with it.
So,  the question is, what should I use for the binding?  I'm thinking of scrappy?  What suggestions do you experts have?
Counting my blessings......Sunny


  1. Great Finds at the thrift store !
    As for the binding....I'd say go scrappy or the dark orange/red if you have enough.

  2. I would go for a orangey colour of one of the ties, it looks softer than orange or the muddy green. Your thrift stores are as good as ours.

  3. Wow. What great finds you have! I love the quilt stand. That is a good price for that. It looks to be in great shape.

    Love the borders on your quilt! It's really sweet!

  4. You got quite a haul there. For the binding I'd consider doing a scrappy one made from leftovers of the fabrics in the blocks.

  5. Wow, great shopping finds! woohoo!!!

    I think a scrappy binding would be fabulous on that sweet quilt.

  6. I love the quilt - looks wonderful - How about doing the binding in the orange color - I don't really think you can go wrong with any of the advice here ;)

  7. Great shopping! And I am glad your DH is getting better:-) The meal the other day seemed delicious! Love all your abriviations from last post.
    Still love your sweet hexagon flowers.

  8. What a wonderful find the quilt stand is BUT please don't paint it Sunny. Just sand it and varnish. Will look gorgeous.
    I would bind your little quilt with the Aqua spot. The one you used for the first border.

  9. What a steal for that quilt stand! Love how your quilt turned out with the borders. :)

  10. What wonderful finds! :-) I love your little quilt~ I would go with either a scrappy binding or the small border fabric. Have fun!

  11. Your little spool quilt turned out very cute - and I do like the way you toned it down with the borders. It looks "just right". Shopping must has been a blast finding all those great buys.

  12. Great finds, girl! I'm thinking an orange for the binding too...it looks great!

  13. Looks like you had a great shopping day! Great finds. So fun!


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