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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Busy Friday

Wednesday night, hubby told me that he had made plans for us to go out to dinner with friends on Friday night.  Yeah!  He's feeling well enough to go out, and I don't have to cook!!  In the back of my mind, I'm thinking It's FNSI, but that's okay, because I usually stay up pretty late, so I can still get a lot done.  On Thursday night, he mentions that he had also invited said friends over to the house after dinner.   I'm thinking, but it's FNSI!  So I got up early and sewed most of the day on Friday.  I did some cutting and stitching, and then took  a break for this.

This is what the highway looked like at approximately 12:40 on Friday afternoon.  Fairly typical.
Here it is again at 1:15:

And for the next 25 minutes:

As soon as they started coming through (they had congregated at a nearby shopping center for lunch and fuel, and were just starting out again), there was a minor three-car accident in the opposing lanes, and traffic started backing up.  I was very glad I was watching from an overhead bridge instead of sitting in traffic.  The ride is in remembrance of 9/11, and was the 10th annual ride.  There are usually a couple hundred participants, but with this being the 10th anniversary, over 2600 motorcycles participated.  From our local newspaper:

HAGERSTOWN, MD - Thousands of motorcycles roared through Western Maryland Friday, honoring the lives lost in the terrorist attacks on September 11th.
The 10th annual America's 9/11 Ride started early Friday morning in Somerset, Pennsylvania, and the riders are expected to reach Arlington Friday evening.
The motorcyclists took a break at Hagerstown's Premium Outlets around noon. They traveled from Shanksville, where United Flight 93 crashed on September 11th. A memorial ceremony was held in Shanksville Thursday night.
The riders will be heading to the Pentagon next. From there, they'll travel to New York and make a final stop at Ground Zero.

It was an awesome sight.

Back home, I got Fiona humming again, and this is what we produced, some before dinner and some after.
The same idea will work for 2 swaps/exchanges, so why not make 2 at one time.  Leftover fabric was already on the sewing table from Spools quilt.

Bee blocks, will be headed to Portugal!

Hmmmm....three little gifties!
And I cannot tell a lie.  I stitched while our guests were here.
A flower for a friend.  And because my computer takes forEVER to upload pics to blogger, I've nearly finished a second flower while writing this post.

So what did YOU get accomplished for FNSI?

Counting my blessings......Sunny


  1. Wow....that's a lotta bikes. For not having time on Friday you certainly did get a lot done.
    I have my hexies cut out but none have seen needle and hread yet.

  2. Hi Sunny thank you for posting about the bikers, it always makes my heart skip a beat when I hear something good about them. We have been bikers for many years, and unfortunately we are not always seen in a good light. Hubby and I have ridden in many charity runs to raise money, one year we spent our Wedding Anniversary riding through the night, stopping at various check points to raise money - Hey hubby knows how to show me a good time LOL. Glad your hubby is improving day by day. Hugs Linda x

  3. Wow, you got a lot of projects finished very nice. Don't you just love these Friday Night Sew In's? Hugs
    Cathy http://wwwbiglakequilter.blogspot.com

  4. Those are awesome pictures of an awesome group of motorcyclists. Glad your husband is feeling better. You sure are a busy gal with all that quilting!

  5. What an AWESOME sight, Sunny, so glad you got some pics. You got a lot done for going out to dinner and having friends over, lol!

  6. You did manage to get a lot done for an early FNSI.

    Loved the photo of the bike riders.Aren't they riding early? Not 9/11 yet??

  7. Your early FNSI turned our really productive and such pretty blocks and hexies.

  8. Mu hubby would have loved to see that sight , he loves motorcycles ,you accomplised a lot for FNSI, loved them all. I had company (my parents) since Friday so no sewing for me .

  9. Found you Sunny. What a sight and sound that must have been! we all need to pause and remember sometimes.

  10. I am glad you didn't have to cook - lol !!!
    I hope you enjoyed your outing :)

    Lovely flower ;)


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