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Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I went in search of acorns today.  I'd like to fill a pretty bowl or jar with acorns.  I didn't find any though.  Later, I'll Google oak tree habitat and see if I can come up with a better place to look. 

While thinking of acorns, though, I was thinking of fall and squirrels.  and the whole idea of "squirreling away for the winter" and that made me think of my quilty/stitchy/crochety stash again.  I've been squirreling away my fabric, threads, patterns, and yarn and I'm well prepared to hibernate for the winter. 
I almost stayed home and stitched today instead of going for a walk, but I'm so glad I changed my mind.  It won't be long before the cold winds of winter are blowing and I will want to hibernate!  So I should be out today appreciating the beauty of nature, and taking advantage of the fact that I'm not cooped up in an office all day. 

My favorite place to walk when I'm alone is on the tow path along the C&O Canal, which runs beside the Potomac River.  The trees growing there don't get very colorful,  and right now there is still a lot of green.  About the only red I saw today was poison ivy and I kept my distance.

I did see this beautiful tree/shrub while I was driving down the road.  It will be absolutely stunning in about another week.  I also stored up some images of fields that have been harvested.  Or not harvested yet.

In stitchy news, I started joining hexies last night.  I'm going to rank that as the least favorite thing I've done since I started making quilts.  I started by sewing strips together, and then joining the strips.  Now that I have two strips joined, I may just add one hexie at a time.  Perhaps that will be less awkward.  If anyone has any tips of words of wisdom, please share!

Thanks for all your kind comments on my last post.  It helps to know that there are others who are fighting their way through life the way I am. 

Counting my blessings......(but not my acorns)....Sunny

Oak tree = acorns   (picture from internet)


  1. Well I hope you do find some acorns, the squirrels around here are burying them all over the place. Good for you on getting out to enjoy a walk - the cold and grey and rain are here, to stay I think, and I'm so glad I have an exercise bike indoors, lol! You got some gorgeous pics. Love those red bushes, you see them everywhere here, I think almost every house has one. They're spectacular in fall.

  2. Gorgeous pictures! Thank you for sharing them. Glad you decided to go out and enjoy nature, and then share it with us! :o) I wish I had known about the acorns-my inlaws have had a old oak in their yard, a mother tree that the woodpeckers put acorns in. It was FULL of holes with acorns stuck in them. It had to be cut down last week b/c it was at dying and was a risk for coming down on its own. I could have mailed you a box full.

  3. I enjoyed my walk with you even though we did not find any acorns.
    they would look great in a glass bowl!!

  4. We have loads of acorns here, when we walk Sam we are "crunching" underfoot! Our squirrel has been in the garden burying something I hope it isn't an acorn! I am constantly digging up acorns and walnuts that the little fella has hidden in the soil.....

  5. Lovely post Sunny...injoyed our stroll together even though we didn't find acorns...come visit us we have lots!

    Hugs, Carolyn

  6. Lovely photos , the shrub is gorgeous ,glad you enjoyed your walk , there is nothing quite like a walk in nature . I picked three acorns from a tree a few weeks back and they were still green , they have now turned a lovely brown and your idea of putting some in a glass jar is a great one so I may just see if I can find a few more and do the same thing .
    hugs Sheila

  7. Honey the acorns are prolific at my house - come on over! :) blessings, marlene

  8. Aw Sunny -what beautiful pictures! Wish I could be there to walk with you :)!! I'm with you - have to get out and enjoy nature while we can - and then enjoy hibernating like squirrels with our stash LOL!

  9. I rarely see acorns now days. I remember as a kid, playing with them, collecting them, painting them, etc. Now you've made me want to find some. :o)

  10. Your blog looks very pretty! I love it!

    We have gazillions of acorns (and even more pinecones) in our yard. Feel free to help yourself!

  11. We had oak trees where we used to live. Talk about acorns. One year we had suck a large crop drop that I stopped counting after I raked up and hauled away 30 five gallon buckets of them!

  12. my goodness--wonder what it is about the little 'acorn'that is so attractive to so many of us!!!
    I found some on the trip to NH in June and did find some the lawn folks missed in racking them up and brought them home--they are in my old wood bowl with some other things from nature!!!
    You are a great photographer--
    I really should be out there with my new one--but?????
    and I do agree with you--these nice warm days yet--I have to get outside--even if it is just to go over to the yarn shop and work for alittle while--and as you know I have been building "all" my stash's--fabric, patterns, threads, yarns, and counted cross stitch patterns--none of us should get bored this winter!!!????
    you can come visit me--I can't leave home with out miss gracie--sooooo!!!!
    Hugs, Di and that darn cat!!


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