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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Stay at Home Robin - October assignment

Well, here we are at month three.  This month, if appropriate or desired, you will set your block on point.  AND you will somehow incorporate log cabin construction!  I will make my setting triangles from log cabins, but you could also make some little blocks for your cornerstones if you’re not putting your block on point.  I had a hard time finding examples of using the log cabin pattern in a border, so I am not going to suggest a size for this border.  Use whatever size works for you.  And remember that the entire border does not have to be constructed this way.    Log cabins in the corners, a couple of cute little hearts from log cabins? or whatever your creative brain comes up with.  I’m thinking that Maria and possibly Linda won’t be putting theirs on point. 

I’d also like to bring up the subject of ‘floaters’ at this time.  If at any time you feel that the newly assigned border will be too busy, or will conflict with the previous border, you can add a floater or two.  These are solid colored borders, often found in pairs, to separate and differentiate   two other borders.  They’re not easy to see in my samples, but if you look closely, I think you can make them out.  I’ve used one between my triangles and my log cabin on-point.  It wasn’t in my original plan, but it also gave me some wiggle room to make my measurements come out properly.

 Is everyone who’s playing posting their pictures in the flickr group?  I’d love to see some discussion over there!  Are you having fun?  I’ve already seen some amazing creativity, and got some new ideas for myself for the future.  If you have any questions, please e-mail me or post them on the flickr site and I’m sure you’ll get help and advice from others in the group.  I was asked for help with some math for the triangles border, so I got out my handy graph paper, started drawing and coloring, and then easily figured out the size needed.  I hope.  Did I get it right? 

Working on this assignment has shown me how inexperienced I am with this type of project.  I spent most of a day trying to figure out the size of my triangles.  Please use your best judgment in any of these assignments.  In the future, I’ll give a range of sizes for the borders, to make things easier to adjust for your needs. 
I am amazed with the work I've seen so far.  Stitch on, ladies!!


  1. Okay you have given me a challenge this month Sunny.

  2. Is the flickr group open? I'd love to see what you're all up to

  3. Hmmmm! Another challenge. Well, I think we quilters are up to it. And I like the floaters idea. It's like adding a period to the sentence. And then on to the next sentence.

  4. this is a challenge for sure.
    I may have to go waaaay outside the box on this one. Log Cabin Construction .... hhhmmmmmm.
    Oh and I love the floater idea....thank you.

  5. O golly now this is a tricky one---will have to get my thinking cap on!! off to flickr now to put up my pic.


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