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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Random thoughts while waiting for the phone to ring.

On the Job Front:
I received an email yesterday stating that I had been selected for a preliminary job interview via telephone today.  So I'm waiting for the phone to ring.  I'll put a smile on my face and will answer my phone very professionally!  I will be confident and awesome. A few prayers wouldn't hurt!

On Hexies:
I've been whining, complaining, mentioning lately that I've begun sewing hexies together.  Last night I took out as many papers as I could, and that made the task a little easier.  I still have a very long way to go, but my fingers hurt and my carpal tunnel is acting up, so I think I need to slow it down and work on some other things.  I have a tendency to get tunnel vision when I'm nearing the end of a project.  I've been making hexies for almost a year, so I guess there's no reason that this has to be finished this week!

Actually, after laying this out for the picture, I'm not sure it's suitable for an Aunt Sarah.  I think there are too many colors.  I many have to start all over with new fabrics.  Maybe all from one line?  Not to fear, I have plenty of fabric.  And if I use a small hexie I can punch out my own papers.  I could use some of the really ugly scrapbook paper that will never be used otherwise.  Hmmmmm....  yes, I can see this happening.

On Hedge Apples:
While out walking one day last fall, I came across an Osage Orange tree.  Why is the fruit from this tree called Hedge Apples?  I can't answer that but I think hedge apples are cool looking.  When I happened upon the fruit on that particular walk, there was an older couple looking at the fruit as well, and they picked up a few to take to a friend.  As I was just starting out on my walk, I decided to wait until I returned to get a few for myself.  However, when I returned, every single fruit was gone!  Yesterday, while driving through the parking lot for that very same trail, I found another tree with hundreds of hedge apples!  I was actually looking for oak trees, but settled for some very pretty hedge apples instead.

On Oak Trees:
Yesterday I drove past a nearby county park that I seldom visit.  As it's located off Oak Ride Drive, I decided to drive through and look for Oak trees!  Yes, there are many, but I still couldn't find any acorns.  I'll go back later today (after the phone rings?) more properly attired, and I WILL find acorns.  Bonus:  there appear to be a couple of nice walking trails in the park, and it's very close to home!!

eta:  Hubby called awhile ago and asked if a shoebox full of acorns would be enough.  YIPPEE!  the search is over.

On Fire Sirens:
Living in a small town, we have a mixture of paid and volunteer fire fighters.  I live about a mile from the nearest volunteer station.  It's a beautiful day out, and sitting here with my window open, I heard the fire siren a few minutes ago.  It reminded me of something I saw in our newspaper a couple of months ago.  Did I already complain about this?  We have a column called "Mail Call" for which anyone can call in and make comments that will be printed in the column.  In general, I would say that the people who call in are on the lower end of the IQ scale.  I recently saw a comment from someone who had moved from 'the city' to a small rural community near here for the peace and quiet and the slower pace of life.  However, they were very upset about all the fire sirens and thought somebody should do something about them.  HELLO!  These sirens are calling the people and equipment who may be saving your life or your house someday!!!!!

On Cookies:
I volunteered to make cookies for an upcoming Hospice function.  Should I splurge and make these delightful looking confections?  Or should I use the ingredients on hand and make either peanut butter cookies or molasses crinkles?  I've also seen a version of these using mini Nilla Wafers instead of Mini Nutter Butters.  I guess if I was really ambitious, I could make my own mini peanut butter cookies for the tops?

On Pumpkins:
It's time to get off the computer and get to the sewing room!  Hmmm....shall I work on my Tilda sewalong?  My log cabin pumpkin kit?  The new BOM that I signed up for, which starts with a pumpkin block?  An applique project for a swap, that just happens to feature a pumpkin?

TTFN!    Counting my blessings......Sunny


  1. Good luck with the job SPJ.
    Oh the photo of the Oak is just the best. Love the way the colours are changing.

  2. Wow, what a post!
    Love the hexies, I think they look wonderful.
    Love those weird looking apples. Those would make a great fall display.
    I agree about lower IQs in some people. And some people will complain about Anything!
    Those cookies look amazing! I wouldn't want anyone to eat them!
    Good luck in the sewing room!

  3. Prayers for you on your phone interview!! Those hexies are gorgeous and the colors are perfect!! That is going to be one pretty piece when you finish! Happy for the acorns! And those hedge apples are very strange, huh? Do you eat them? And the cookies are adorable... love the nutter butters and kisses together! About the fire sirens... that is too funny. When those people have an emergency, they will be thrilled to hear those sirens coming their way!!!

  4. I love your fall post. Those cookies are too cute. Best of luck with the phone interview today! I'll say a prayer for you.

  5. Good luck regarding your job interview...XXXXXX(fingers crossed) and special thoughts are in my prayers that you get the job!

    Love the acorn cookies....I will make some too.... so festive!

    The Hedge apples are neat...Sue is right about keeping the spiders away....they also make fun primitive flower blooms. Slice them thin, place them on a cookie sheet...pre-heat oven at about 250 and bake till they turn golden tan in color, they curl up a little. When cooled place a thin wire in the middle and glue gun to hold in place. Wrap wire with brown floral tape. You can sew calico fabric leaves and wrap with tape. This makes a darling arrangement in a clay pot! Wished I had some--- might have to take a ride in the country to find some! Carolyn :)

  6. your hexies look lovely. i don't think you need to make new ones.
    Good luck on your job interview. I hope you get it!!!

  7. Your hexies look great to me, I'd say keep going. Those cookies are so darn cute and those hedge apples are very different , never seen or heard of them before , can you tell i am from the boonies ;-0 Glad you made it to the next round for the job !

  8. Oh I can see why the hedge apples are called that - they remind me of little hedge hogs - all be it green hedge hogs. And I vote to make the acorn cookies - it would be so different and fun!! The non-Aunt Sarah's quilt is turning out lovely, really lovely.

  9. I always enjoy reading your posts Sunny. Those hedge apples are very interesting. I've never seen them before. And those acorn cookies are so cute. Hoping you have a successful interview.

  10. Well first, CONGRATULATIONS on the phone ringing and getting through to the next round - almost sounds like a game show, doesn't it?
    Starting over with hexxies, you are BRAVE. I have never seen a hedge apple - what do they taste like??

    Yes people complain about everything...nothing new there....maybe you should do an editorial about people who waste time complaining about stupid things, lol.

    How many cookies do you have to make? I hate to cook so I'd go the easy route, just depends on what you want to commit to...those acorns are adorable, though! Might not be so cute at 3 or 4 hundred.

    Saying a praying tonight that you GET that JOB!

  11. I too am working on hexies and decided to do an "Aunt Sarah" variation. I like your fabrics and those little acorn cookies are adorable! Good luck with the job interview.

  12. Wow, I can totally relate to your hexie woes. My hexie progress came to a grinding halt with my carpal tunnel this summer and I haven't stitched on mine in 4 months. I miss them so much but I get on a roll and can't stop and then my fingers/wrists are really in trouble. I'm getting ready to try again but I must take it slow! Those acorn cookies are adorable and I vote to keep the nutter butters, mmm! Good luck on your next interview...I just went through that too. Take care!

  13. Yay!! Your husband found acorns! :o) Congrats on the job interview, wishing you the best of luck.. just read that you were selected for round two. Fingers crossed and prayers for the best! Those hedge apples look interesting, have never seen them before. Those little cookies are so cute, I just ran across that pic the other day on Pinterest! Happy Sewing! :o)

  14. I have never seen those acorn cookies before, but they may be my new favorite thing! Nutter Butters & chocolate... I don't think the world could get any better! :-)

    ~ meagan


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