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Friday, December 23, 2011

Busy Postman!

Well, it's official.  I'm ready for the big day.  I need to pick up a few groceries tomorrow, and drop off a gift, and that's it!  I put up my outside Christmas lights today.  Wearing a T-shift.  That's just not right.  Now it's raining.  I don't want rain for Christmas - I want Snow!!

No, this is not my house.  But isn't it pretty?
Today I made several loaves of cranberry bread, and some chocolate covered pretzels.  The pretzels didn't work out the way I thought they would.  I covered them with crushed up candy canes, but the candy didn't want to stick to the chocolate!  I gave up after about a dozen. 

I've been neglectful in posting about all the little packages that have showed up at my house lately.  A couple of weeks ago, Heather posted a picture of the most adorable snowman.  When I asked her who the designer was, she found the pattern and sent it to me!  I think this will be my first project after Christmas. I'm in love!

Picture borrowed from Heather's blog.

I also got a little wool kit from LeAnn

Blogger wants this picture to be sideways, and I'm too tired to argue with Blogger tonight.  If you turn your head to one side, you can see how cute it is.  Thanks LeAnn!  Maybe this will be my little project on Saturday?

The next delivery was from my very dear friend Maria  in Australia!  She sent me the cutest little bon-bon, and - the pattern to make more of my own!  I've been planning to make a few, but I've never quite got it done, so now I have no excuses.  Maria was the first person that I ever exchanged/swapped with after I started my blog, and we've become good friends.  When I win the lottery, I'll be visiting her in Australia.

Yesterday, a Lapel Stick arrived in my mailbox. I'm embarrassed to say I don't remember whose blog I won it from. I'm looking forward to giving it a try. I pictured it here with a stocking that came in the mail today from Di

Look at the size of this stocking!  Seriously, did she knit it with toothpicks?  Did you, Di?  It's so cute, and it's hanging on my tree.

Today's mail brought the cutest little thread catcher from Linda.  I had admired these on her blog, and was very surprised to receive one of my very own!  And it came with a big bag of deeelicious caramel corn.  Too bad hubby isn't able to eat popcorn yet.  LOL!

I had hoped to try out the thread catcher tonight, but I started wrapping gifts, and then started this post, so haven't had time to stitch.  Watch out tomorrow, though.

It's been a fun couple of weeks.  I think I'll finish opening the gifts in my Santa Sack tomorrow.  And then it will be almost Christmas.

counting my blessings....Sunny



  1. Lovely packages Sunny
    Happy Christmas to you and yours...

  2. Lots of Christmas goodies! Merry Christmas from one Sunny to another! x

  3. Lovely gifts there Sunny and that Santa is awesome.
    Merry xmas to you and your love ones Sunny.xx

  4. Isn't Christmas in blogland grand!? Hope you all have a Merry Christmas even if it is warm enough to start the spring garden. We'll be complaining in February!

  5. The snowman shown on the pattern looks very cute. I am in a snowman making mood.

  6. Adorable gifts, Sunny! Happy Holidays to you and yours.

  7. Oh I am pleased you have recieved so many lovely gifts and I am still buying those tickets!!!

    Have the best Christmas and a Happ Healthy New Year.

  8. How wonderful to be warm, we have sun but so very cold! Have a wonderful Christmas!

  9. Love all the fun gifts~ the Santa hanging is adorable! I would make him right away too, so he's all ready for next year. ;-) And that teeny stocking! How cute! Hope you get a little snow.
    Have a wonderful Christmas Sunny!

  10. It's me--and No I did not use tooth picks--but did use a size 0 knitting needles--and they really aren't that bad to make--provide that Miss Gracie gal doesn't jump upon my lap!!!
    Did you get the package yet with your winning in it for the m&m contest--I sent that out on Fri the 16th??????
    Hugs, Di and her fur ball

  11. I made that Santa a couple of years ago Sunny and it's really cute. I gave it to my daughter so it doesn't live at my house any more but you're gonna love it. And I've made that Snowman too - another cute one! blessings, marlene

  12. Thank you Sunny for the hexie you sent for my boy Christopher. It's beautiful and I am touched by your thoughtfulness. Have a wonderful Christmas.... we are in for a 30 degree day so salad is the order of the day. I too would prefer snow not a heatwave ( am in Australia).

  13. Lovely post! Nice little Christmas stocking there-to be filled very easily! Lovely pattern of Santa,up my alley,so I must find the pattern.Thanks for showing it all! Have a nice and relaxing Christmas for all in your family.

  14. Oh I know... those little stockings are so adorable... and so amazingly small... how did she do that??? I would be all thumbs. Wonderful group of pressies. xxoo


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