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Friday, December 16, 2011

My Santa Sack Overfloweth!

If you've never swapped with Laura of Fun with this and that, you don't know what you're missing.  We were paired for Cheryll's Santa Sack Swap.  Starting in July, we were to send our partner 2 gifts each month to put in their Santa Sack, to be opened in December.  There were so many gifts in my first box that I thought Laura had decided to save on postage, and send everything all at one time.  Not so.  I received another box every month!!!!  My Santa sack is still overflowing, because I've only opened the large items that wouldn't fit in the sack. 
I should mention that Laura is not a quilter, but an artist!!  And my December gift was a signed watercolor!  I just love it, and it's the perfect colors for my living room.  I don't have an artistic bone in my body, so I'm in awe of anyone who can draw or paint.  But wait, there's more.  One of the earlier gifts was this hand-painted box.

And then there was the wonderful centerpiece in November.  It's a little treasure chest filled with hand-painted Santas, fabric candy canes, and assorted pretties. 

Thank you Laura!  I'll be opening and sharing more gifts later.

On the sewing front, I've finally finished a set of place mats.  The recipient really liked the focus fabric, so I snuck some into my cart, and it took quite awhile to decide what to do with it.  Then of course, because it was so directional, I had to improvise to get four place mats.  Then I decided I didn't like them at all.  But I kept going.  Once I finished the binding, I decided I really did like them

Blogger insists on flipping this one.

I think I finished my Christmas shopping today.  Now I have to make some cards.  I think that's what I'll be doing tonight for FNSI!!

Counting my blessings.....Sunny


  1. Great gifts... such fun opening them out... well done with the place mats... no wonder you like them...

  2. Oh you have received a lovely Santa sack of gifts! I really love that centerpiece of goodies!

    Love your new layout. You know how to find some good ones !

    Merry Christmas,

  3. Wow - those gifts are so impressive, so beautiful! Lucky you! The placemats are great!

  4. Love the placemats. I've done the same thing myself. Not been happy with something but the more finished it gets, the more I like it. We just need a little faith!

    And such wonderful gifts, too. Can't wait to see what else is in your Santa Sack ....

  5. lovely gifts Sunny

  6. What fun gifts Sunny! And your placemats are adorable! Have a great weekend! :-)

  7. Ohhh--what a great giving 'santa' you have there--enjoy!!!
    Hey--when you read my post you will see that I worked at making cards today toooo---
    Ps--your package for the 'win' is on it's way with a couple little Christmas gifty's in there toooo!!!

  8. Wonderful gifts Sunny, such talent. Love the placemats ,great colors.

  9. Glad you like it .do not worry about the candleholder I have to use . I love my sack thing Laura

  10. Sunny you did recieve some gorgeous gifts in the Santa Sack. We are opening ours christmas day.

    Oh I just love your placemats.

  11. What a wonderful swap partner and such fun gifts! I am so happy you had such a good time.

  12. Love your gifts!!! So pretty and such a talented friend!

  13. Fun swap! I haven't done that for a while, but it sounds very tempting. Your place mats are looking so festive :) They are on my sewing wish list, but didn't get to them this year. I may make next year as a year long Christmas project year so that I can stitch and sew all year long with anything to do with the Christmas theme! Merry Christmas!!!!!


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