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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Occupy 2011!

Ladies, it's time to Occupy Your Sewing Room!  Barbara, from Cat Patches, has a great plan for us to occupy our sewing rooms for an entire day, during the week of Dec. 3 - Dec. 10.  If you can't do an entire day, break the time up however you need to.  Have fun. Get some projects done.  Win Prizes.  You can click on the link in this post, or on my sidebar to go visit Barbara and learn more about this fun time.

from my sewing room.......Sunny


  1. Hi Sunny--
    his is the wrong week for me--
    but I will do it next week--Dec.10-Dec.16th--join me then toooo!!!!
    I seem to have something 'going'on every day this week--grrrrrrrrrr!!!
    Love that bear angel again--
    so give her a hug from me!!!!!
    Hugs,Di and that Miss gracie

  2. This sounds fun, I may have to give it a go!

  3. Great idea but I just started getting back into my artwork. For me quilting is not a thing of the past but I need a break from it and my mind is going in a different direction for the time being. I hope everyone who takes you up on the challenge has much success.

  4. I didn't know about this - but I did occupy my sewing room this past Sunday. AND I'm happy with what I got done!! Love the bird on a branch.

  5. not for me. I am knee deep in a total house purge. TOO MUCH STUFF !


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