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Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Okay, Stay at Home Robiners - How are we doing?  I'm sorry to report that I haven't yet started my November/December assignment.  I suspect that I'm not the only one who is running behind schedule, so I'm proposing that we start the next assignment on Jan. 15th, and then move the next one to March 1st.  What do you think?  If anyone is chomping at the bit to move on, please let me know, and I'll get the next assignment out sooner.  There is a tab up under my header with all the previous assignments if you're joining in late, or just need a refresher. 


It's been a couple of months since I've made any hexie flowers.  But it's time to get back to them.  I received some small pieces of fabric from Anna last week, and while sorting my scraps the other day, I pulled out some that I thought would be good for flowers.  Karen is the Hostess with the Mostest, and you can find links to other blogs on her site if you'd like to see more pretty flowers.


Here is the beautiful block that I received from Andra for January!  We were both extremely efficient this month, and got our blocks out early.  A huge Thank You to Linda who keeps us all organized and sends out new partner info each month.


Tomorrow is Day 12 of Temecula Quilt Co's 12 Day of Christmas Mystery Quilt.  Are you playing along?  If not, you're missing out on a really cute quilt.  There are only 12 blocks, and they're 3 1/2 inches.  And... I'm even caught up with all the blocks!  Me!  I can't wait to see how they're put together. 


Today was the day to get started!  Jamie asked me to partner with her, so we each exchanged some fabric, and I'll make some of the blocks for each of us, and she'll make blocks for each of us.  We've got a handy dandy spreadsheet to keep us in line, and we're starting with some of the easier blocks.  Here is Jamie's fabric just before the first cut.

That sums up the last couple of days for me.  What's up with you?


“It is not our circumstances that create our discontent or contentment. It is us.”
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  1. Hostess with the Mostest wishes you a Happy New Year! LOL. Pretty flowers and have fun making the Farmer's Wife, the fabrics are great!

  2. Hi Sunny, I did some planning of my SAHRe today bit haven't started the Dec assignment so I'm happy to go with what suits the rest of the group. Love your hexie flowers - they look so cute with the bear :-) I've been doing the Temecula mystery too - got behind yesterday and caught up in a jiffy! Have you joined a stitch-along group for the FWSQ? I'm sure I've seem them around but can't find one just now... I've just started and completed 2 blocks...

  3. Hi Sunny
    you've been busy, love Jamie's fabrics for the FW, can't wait to see the blocks you make with them.

  4. I have started the Nov assingment for the SAHRR but only a few blocks so I am happy to start mid Jan, thanks Sunny.
    Love the model for your hexies all are cute.
    WOW you also have lots of projects to work on Sunny!!!!!!

  5. Mid Jan would work well for me. I am not just two months behind. Thought it was only one but as usual I was wrong. Never was able to post the picture. I must be doing something wrong.....

  6. Love the pastel hexies. The block from Andra is so feminine. I look forward to watching your progress on the Farmer's Wife Sampler quilt.

  7. Whew that is a relief as I have not even gotten around to figuring out what I am going to do ,thanks for the extra time. Good luck with the Farmers wife ,great fabrics.

  8. Farmers Wife ??? I admire you for tackling this project. Are you both using the same fabrics? I love the ones in the photo. Can't wait to see progress photo's. I love that you two are working on it together!

  9. Wow you are so busy, cannot wait to see all your new quilts!

  10. Oh I'm fine with you taking your time on the Sahr. I could use the extra time. I like the projects you have going. LOVE the Farmer's Wife quilt and those fabrics are to die (dye) for! What fabrics will you be using? The same?

  11. I'm on schedule with the SAHR and still very seriously considering finishing it off as a wall hanging as is for over our bed. Right now I'm quilting the snowman quilt top I finished last year. And then there's the 2 BOM's I've already signed up for, more ufo's and more plans. Teehee! When will it ever end?

  12. Very pretty hexies. Love the fabric for Farmers Wife, I have the book but haven't started - so many other projects....Good Luck with all of yours.

  13. I wanna do the Farmer's wife--but don't have that book yet!!! but do have the 2 civil war books of 160? blocks on my to do list for one of these days!!!!
    Just posted my work for today and a new stitch along sorta for Jan 14th--!!!!
    Hugs, Di and that darn cat!!!

  14. Can't wait to see that Farmer's Wife progress. Love the fabrics. Sounds like you're keeping busy. We just flew back home yesterday, so trying to get into the swing of things, and almost have the Christmas tree ornaments put away. Never as much fun as getting them out! Love that quote about contentment--I think that is a perfect mantra for 2012! One of my favorite scriptures goes something like, "Not that I speak in respect of want, for I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content." Wishing you a wonderful and healthy New Year, Sunny!

  15. You have been BUSY! What a great inspirational post. Love the FW Block and the bear with your sweet hexies. Hugs, Kim C ^i^

  16. I should join the hexie thingo.. I need to work on mine more regularly.. but I did manage to do three on the weekend, so does that count for three weeks I wonder?!


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