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Sunday, January 15, 2012

SAHR - January/February

Okay Ladies, how are we all doing?  I'm still not finished with my Nov/Dec border, but I'm going to go ahead with the next assignment as promised.  I know that some of you are all caught up and ready to move on.  Next up will be a border with Applique!  You choose the size and the technique that you prefer.  Feel free to add floaters between borders if needed.  And the applique can cross the lines onto another border if that might be appropriate. 

I Googled "applique borders" to find these beautiful samples.  There are many more if you need more inspiration.  Our next assignment will be on March 1, and then we should be back on track for monthly assignments.  Are you having fun yet?

Contentedly searching for inspiration.....Sunny


  1. Yeh!!! Sew excited about doing this challenge. Need to put my thinking cap on.
    thanks Sunny.

  2. Great - looking forward to doing the appliqué border! Daughter has decided I need to get a bit more fabric before I continue... a girl after my own heart! Hugs.


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