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Monday, June 17, 2013

Kayak Keuka

Day Three of vacation, and it’s time for some kayaking!  Our shuttle bus driver from the Museum yesterday couldn’t say enough good things about Keuka Lake, so we decided to give it a try today.  Here’s the view from a Scenic Overlook right before the entrance to Keuka Lake State Park. 


We drove into the park – admission is free today – and quickly found the boat ramp.  We parked near the ramp, untied the boats, unloaded boats from car top – oops!  not there, that’s a big ‘ole snake!  Pull out the paddles and assemble.  Look at the pretty clouds.


Drag out the life vests – we don’t always wear them, but we definitely will today.  My, that water is starting to look choppy.  Where are the water bottles?  I have my dry bag packed and ready to go. Those clouds are getting darker, I’m going to check the weather radar on my phone before we head out.


Kaboom!!  Where did the pretty clouds go?  Quick, it’s raining.  Throw everything back in the car, lift the kayaks on top as fast as we can, and pull away from the ramp.

Fifteen minutes later, the sun is back out, and we start the process all over again.






The water was a little choppy, and got worse while we were out, so we didn’t stay out long, and my camera was safely stored in the dry bag most of the time.  The water in a very deep New York lake is a heck of a lot colder than Maryland water, too!!

The bus driver from the Museum also recommended a restaurant in the area, but it has closed down.  And the scenic drive he suggested doesn’t allow for much of a view through all the trees.  But we had a great afternoon driving all around the lake, taking pictures where we could.  Dinner was ice cream in the picturesque little town of Hammondsport.









Can’t wait to see where our adventures will take us tomorrow!

Be kind to yourself and to all you encounter..Sunny



  1. Wow! I glad you're having fun on your vacation. You sure have been making the rounds. You should be hired to promote New York State. LOL Have you tried checking out the wineries around Hammondsport?

  2. This sure was a mixed day. Lots happening and plenty to see and do. Glad you spotted the snake and managed to miss it.
    Ice Cream for dinner - nice!

  3. Beautiful lake , too bad the weather interfered but nice you got in a little paddling and some sightseeing . Thanks for taking us along

  4. It looks like the scenery was lush and pretty. Sorry the weather did not cooperate for the trip.

  5. How exciting! Well, really it looks so relaxing. But I think it's exciting to have such a relaxing vacation.

  6. Looks like you are having a fabulous time, enjoy! We are back home now, so sad :-( I didn't want my holiday to end. Its throwing it down with rain here, and has been since we got home on Monday.... no idea where summer has gone. Hugs xxxx

  7. Best thing about summer vacations is having ice cream for dinner!


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