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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Letchworth State Park

A friend of DH’s recently asked him on Facebook how we find all the cool places we visit.  Most of our plans start with a simple idea, and then evolve into something else.  Letchworth State Park in western New York is a good example.  Eleven years ago, when we were newly engaged, we took a trip to Niagara Falls, And thought we might make it to Letchworth on the same trip.  We had heard of it from members of our photography club, and had seen some beautiful pictures.  We ran out of time that weekend, and have thought of it a time or two since, but never made the trip.  Driving home from Cleveland last month, we were reminiscing about our trip to Niagara and Erie, and remembered Letchworth.  Letchworth = western New York = Finger Lakes = Summer vacation 2013!


Some of our first views did not overwhelm us, but they just got better and better.  Do you like their picnic tables?


I have about a hundred pictures of waterfalls, but because I’m so exhausted, I’ll only download a few.  We stopped at every overlook, took a couple of short hikes, had a nice picnic lunch, saw deer, squirrels, and chipmunks.  Oh, and I bought a book.  Big surprise, huh?


And no, I’m not being paid by the New York Department of Tourism.  It’s just a beautiful state!


Be kind to yourself!!    Sunny



  1. Sunny I never tire of seeing your beautiful pics from your little trips. It's a wonderful reminder to me to look around myself and see the beauty of my own surrounds... x

  2. Those waterfalls are lovely.
    And I love the pathway!

  3. Good Morning - I am enjoying all your lovely pics and details about your trip. I grew up in Irondequoit, NY (a suburb of Rochester) and have spent many happy hours at all the places you're visiting...after seeing your photos I definitely want to get back to Letchworth with my children! Enjoy the rest of your travels :)
    Smiles, DianeM

  4. What beautiful pictures. For about 40 years I lived in or near a town called Letchworth Garden City in the UK. As the name implies, there were a lot of green spaces there too, but no waterfalls. I still miss it, now.

  5. Oh what a glorious tour, NY is a beautiful state , lots of gorgeous spots I had never heard of for sure . Thanks for taking us along and yes I love that picnic table !

  6. Lovely pictures. It's fortifying seeing beauty like that. I'm glad that it's a protected area.

  7. Wow! Those are some beautiful shots! I loved seeing all of the falls.

  8. Beautiful scenery! Love your travel stories/photos. Nothing like our wonderful state & national parks to make you appreciate all the wonders of nature. It's really good for the soul.

  9. I have fond memories of visits to Letchworth when I was growing up, as well as visits to the Finger Lake region. My hometown is about 60 miles west of Cornng. If you get a chance,visit Watkins Glen also. Beautiful waterfalls. We enjoyed taking our children there several years ago. It was fun sharing these places with them. Many beautiful places here in SC too. Each state has his own kind of loveliness.


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