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Friday, June 21, 2013

Kayaking and Kindness


After kayaking on Keuka the other day, and seeing the conditions on Seneca and Cayuga, we decided to take the advice of the experts, and stick to kayaking on the smaller lakes.  DH wanted to paddle down a small creek through the center of Corning, but that didn’t appeal to me.  So off we went to Waneta and Lamoka Lakes.  The boat launch is located on a channel between the two lakes, and there’s actually a ramp on either side of the road.  We pulled into one lot, and realized that we couldn’t park there, so we crossed the road and started to unload.  A gentleman who had just pulled his boat out, parked and walked across to talk to us.  He noticed our out-of-state plates, and just wanted to know if we had any questions.  How kind was that?


He described each lake, and thought that we might enjoy Lamoka the most, so we followed his advice, and were very happy paddlers.  The channel was beautiful, peaceful, and calm.  Several small boats were coming in as we were going out, and everyone was very friendly.


The lake is surrounded by cottages, and I think many of them were rentals.  There’s a small island, which I had read was a good place for a picnic lunch.  We paddled for a couple of hours, and while we were loading up, a young couple pulled into the parking lot with their boat.  They came over to talk to us, and explained that it was their first time at this lake, and asked us for advice!  We were happy to be able to share what we had learned earlier, and told them of our pleasant experience.


A beautiful summer day, made even nicer by the kindness of strangers.

Be kind to a stranger today…..Sunny



  1. What a wonderful way to spend a few relaxing hours Sunny and made nicer as you say by lovely folk....

  2. Beautiful pictures. It looks like such a lovely day. Thank you for sharing the beauty.

  3. The kindness of others make a perfect day even better! Beautiful pictures as always, we used to have lilly pads in our pond in Texas, miss them.

  4. More great adventures and lovely photos, Sunny. Nice to see your summer photos in our rainy cool weather!

  5. So glad you're enjoying your vacation in New York.

  6. beautiful pics Sunny, you are having some great experiences. I love to see all these pics! x


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