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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Vacation from vacation


A typical week for me involves five days of sitting behind a computer, one day of playing/kayaking/touring, etc., and one day of mostly sewing.  It’s really hard to switch to playing every day!  So today, we vacationed from vacationing.  Almost.  We drove up to Seneca Falls, stopping at a couple of places along the way.  I needed a picture of one of the wine wine barrels along the road.  These things are HUGE!


This is probably at least eight feet across.  There are grape vines behind it, and Seneca Lake in the background. 



Do you recognize this bridge?


Seneca Falls is believed to be the inspiration for Bedford Falls in “It’s A Wonderful Life” That would make this the bridge that Clarence jumped off in order to save George Bailey’s life.  The sandwiches in the deli are named after the characters in the movie.  The large old hotel has been renamed the Hotel Clarence.


Seneca Falls has an excellent Visitor Center and museum, and lovely old buildings and churches.  We purchased a few things at the Farmer’s Market, too!

After lunch and walking around the town, we went to Cayuga Lake State Park to while away the rest of the afternoon.  We sat and relaxed, watched the fishermen, and wondered why more people don’t make use of the lakes.  We’re surrounded by huge beautiful lakes, and we’ve seen very few people enjoying them.  Maybe because it’s midweek?


Can’t wait until tomorrow when I get to meet Miss Gracie and her Staff!!

Be kind to everyone you encounter…..Sunny


  1. Nice pics. They go so well with that great movie.

  2. Lovely photos Sunny , a great vacation spot!

  3. That's what makes midweek vacations so nice - few people. And I know what you mean about vacations being hard - just so weird not to have that set routine.

  4. Yes, it is hard to settle into a vacation, but it's even harder to go back to work. Enjoy it while you can!


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