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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Racing through Watkins Glen

My plan for tonight’s post was to have a picture of Miss Gracie, and see who could identify her.  However, she is not a very sociable cat, and I only caught a quick glimpse of her.  So I decided I would post a picture of Di, but that idea was quickly vetoed.  We both hate having our photos taken, so although we did get a couple of shots of us together, we made a pact that we wouldn’t post them.  I don’t think she’ll mind if I post this one though – LOL!


I love this quilt, and I want to make one just like it!

Di has the cutest apartment, and about a gazillion quilts.  We spent some time touring her apartment, and then it was time to head out and tour the town.  We visited the little country shop that she often visits, had a light lunch, and then spent some quality time in the quilt shop, O’Susannah’s.  Before we left Di’s, she gifted me with this beautiful tote bag, and I was happy to fill it up with patterns and fabric.










I could have easily spent a thousand dollars in this shop.  They had beautiful samples on the walls, and I bought four patterns!



And then there were the fabrics.  I had my hands on a couple more small FQ bundles, but I put them back.  Sorry about the photos, but they were taken in a dimly lit hotel room.  Di also gave me a cross stitched piece that she had done, and a tiny little crochet piece to use as a rug with a little doll. 


While we were paying for our loot, DH called to say he was back at Di’s place waiting for me.  While we were seeing the important sights around town, DH had gone to Watkins Glen State Park, and had hiked up and down a zillion steps photographing 19 waterfalls in the gorge.  While I felt terrible about missing out on this trip, I knew I couldn’t handle all the stairs with my bad knee.  His plan was to take a shuttle to the top, and walk down, but upon arrival, he found that the shuttle wasn’t running today.  So he hiked it anyway!  I’m so proud of him.  I’ll share some of his pictures later. 

After we met back up, he stopped for a hot dog and we relaxed in Lafayette Park for a few minutes.  There are a lot of nice parks in WG!


We spent some time in the sunshine on the waterfront.








Now since I got to go to the quilt store, I felt I should be nice and let DH go to Watkins Glen International Speedway.  We knew we really wouldn’t see much, but he wanted to at least be able to say that he had been there.


Much to our surprise, admission to the grandstand was free, and the Porsche Club had rented the track for the day, so we got to see them racing around!  It was pretty cool.






Then we went looking for one more waterfall for the day, in nearby Montour Falls.  It’s right in town, at the end of Main Street.  The sun was directly overhead, so we didn’t get the best pictures, but it was still beautiful.


We ended up back in Watkins Glen for a lovely seafood dinner, while overlooking the lake.







Thank you Di for your kindness today!    Sunny


  1. How cool you got to meet Di and spend some time together. I am enjoyng seeing your holiday photos - you have some lovely ones and I'm sure lots of lovely memories.

  2. Looks like everyone had a great day. Meeting Di is a great bonus and then the shopping looks great, too.
    It seems to be the perfect time to be in the parks. Lovely photos.

  3. What a lovely day you had with your friend Di and found some lovely treasures to purchase and wow love the tote that Di made for you . Also enjoyed seeing the lovely scenery , thanks for sharing !

  4. It sounds and looks like a great time. I love your new tote.

  5. How nice to have been to Di apartment ,meet Miss Gracie and go to the shops Di often talks about in her posts....
    Love the bag Di gave you..
    Nice buys too.
    Thanks for sharing more lovely holiday photos..

  6. Wow how fun!! It must have been wonderful to spend the day with Di. She is so sweet in all her posts and emails. And I bet that quilt shop was a blast. I would have loved the races.

  7. Sounds like you guys had a wonderful time. Glad you could get together. I think I am going to have to plan a trip when NASCAR is there! Racing, good friends, quilt shops and waterfalls sounds like a great trip.

  8. How much fun it was for you to have a together with "Di"!! She is a sweetie.

    Thanks for sharing your vacation with us...we are--but would be even better if in person :)!!

    Hugs, Carolyn
    Hey, next time come to "Iowa"!!!!


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