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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

One Flower Wednesday

I'm beginning a new Pink Project, and this is my second flower.  I worked on sewing hexies together this week, and got one entire row finished.  Since I've yet to find the perfect thimble, I don't use one as much as I should, so have a very sore finger!  I'll be fine in a day or two, and will get on to the next row.  Please tell me about your favorite thimble!  I have large fingers, and have only found one thimble that is super comfortable.  Most of it is rubber, with a metal tip.  But sometimes the back of the needle gets stuck in the rubber!

I saw this when I parked my car at work yesterday.  A few coworkers saw me with my camera, and thought I was nuts, but I think it's a decent picture. 

Off to work on a little cross stitch, then early to bed.  Thanks for stopping by!
stitching to my heart's content...Sunny


  1. Wow, Sunny, a fabulous photo of the spider web and dew drops.......and such a pretty flower....I haven't used a thimble in ages....(shows you how much hand sewing I do....LOL)

  2. Beautiful flower,so pretty in pink and what a great photo of the spider web! My favourite thimble is the original Featherweight Side Stitcher, Raised-Edge Thimble.

  3. lovely flower Sunny and i think the web is a lovely pic.xx

  4. I have very small fingers (heaven knows how, when I am the size I am!) and have struggled for years to find a thimble I like. Now I think I've cracked it. It's a Clover open ended adjustable one and I love it.

  5. Sunny, that is really a fab pic of the web. I love the water clinging to the threads of it. Thimble - i mostly a leather one with a metal insert at the fingertip. My fingers are not dainty, & I love this one. I hope you find something good for your purposes, thimbles are hard to find one you like without giving a good try first... pretty hexy flower too!

  6. Cute pink hexie ! As for a thimble I use a plain metal one with the raised sides and flat top , I have tried quite a few different types including leather but this seems to work best for me , took some getting use to but now I don't even know it is on there .Love the spiderweb , great shot! hugs Sheila

  7. Your photo of the spider web is cool.
    Your Hexie flower is cute, I have never tried making them but maybe some day I will.
    Happy Stitching

  8. Love your photo of the spider web, I love taking pictures of different things,but mostley flowers,love you hiexie jinnie have a wonderful week stitching

  9. Love the hexie flower. And the spiderweb photo is cool!

  10. Nice photo of the spider and beautiful hexie flower you made. I love pink. As for the thimble, I don't really use one. I have one. Somewhere. It just gets in my way so I'm no help with thimble tips.

  11. Your flower is such a pretty soft pink..Love it.
    I think your cobweb photo is awesome sunny.

  12. Very sweet flower, Sunny. I know what you mean about OFW withdrawls - I'm itching to start another hexie project but won't let myself till I've completed a few others!

  13. Awesome picture of the spider web!

    Your Hexie flower is delightful...I need to get in gear making them again for Wednesdays Flower...I am so behind!!!

    I don't use a thimble...although I probably should...like you I just
    have to give it a rest for a few days :)

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

    Carolyn :)


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