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Saturday, June 9, 2012


It doesn't get any better than this.  DH and I got up early this morning and headed to the Annapolis Quilt Show!  He dropped me off, and I spent about an hour and a half wandering around looking at quilts and shopping.  I bought a couple of older books,
And I looked at lots of wonderful quilts.

this is all cats entwined!

I remember this from the Hershey Quilt Show.
But the best part of the show was meeting Cathi from Shakerwood Woolens!  She's a real sweetheart!  I had to confess that I've never worked with wool before, so I started a small stash today.  Cathi had a beautiful booth, and it looked like she was doing a pretty good business.  No one around my area sells wool, so I really enjoyed looking at all the rich colors

After we left the Quilt Show, we stopped for lunch at one of DH's favorite places.

And what could make a great day even better?  You know what's coming, don't you.  Kayaking!  After all, we were in Annapolis, which  is pretty much surrounded by water.  We put in at the mouth of the South River.  I didn't take many pictures, because the water today was a little rougher, and I didn't get out the camera for very long.  Also, it's hard to snap a decent picture in a bobbing boat.  So no pictures of Osprey with chicks, or Herons, or Cormorants, or seagulls, or barges on the Bay, or mama horseshoe crab with baby.  I did snap a couple of shots just to show it was a beautiful day.

We chose the location today because we were hoping to see the Thomas Point Light.  But we couldn't see it.  I just noticed that it's barely visible in the sailboat  picture.  I tried to blow it up, but it's not a very clear picture, so that didn't help.  And if you're wondering about the clouds, our summers are Hazy, Hot, and Humid.  Our skies tend to be a murky shade of gray most of the time.  I always appreciate a blue sky with puffy white clouds.

And now I'm feeling the effects of sun, fresh air, and exercise, so I must go get cozy with my pillow.  I'll leave you with a quote I saw today:

"Solving the world's problems, one square at a time:



  1. Sounds like a perfect day, and it sure looks beautiful in your pics! Love the quilts and the books you got!

  2. You could not have had a better day Sunny.
    Quilt show,shopping, eating and kayaking..and now a lovely sleep...
    So nice to see all your photos.
    Oh Nice to meet your DH.

  3. Hi Sunny...Your pics look great! I'm heading over to the quilt show today...can't wait. I'm a little closer than you are. I live on the shore. I bought my first wool project from Cathi at last years show and I am so hooked. I will do major damage at her booth today!

  4. This is such a nice post. I feel like I was there with you. Have a great week.

  5. A perfect day in every way , lots of wonderful quilts to see ,you will love working with the wool . Your little adventure in the kayak looked like fun :-)

  6. Sounds like a great day. Have fun with the wool. It is addictive!

  7. Fabulous Day!! A great combination of activities. I have just started using a bit of wool felt too and amreally enjoying it. Love the quote!!

  8. What a lovely way to spend the day
    And so nice to see a photo of you - putting a face to the name

  9. I've wanted to make one of those intertwining cat quilts. (Probably never will. I'm so slow at getting these projects done.) It does sound like a wonderful day!

  10. Lots of lovely quilts! I have Floral Quilts too, nice book. Lovely photos of sky and water, so peaceful.


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