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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Smiles....and Frowns.....and Smiles

BIG SMILES:  It's Saturday!  The last three days were beastly hot, hazy and humid.  Too hot to do anything but get from house to car to office.  But not today!!  A 'cold front' went through last night and today's temps were only in the mid 80's with beautiful blue skies and white puffy clouds.  A beautiful day to be on the river. 

We had a spectator:

And a hitchhiker:

FROWNS:  But then we had to stop at a convenience store  so DH could get some cash from the ATM.  When I was backing out of my space, I saw another car backing towards me so I stopped.  Unfortunately, he wasn't watching, and he didn't stop.
I know that parking lot insurance claims don't end well, so there goes another deductible out of my wallet, and the insurance premiums will go up again.  I said some words that can't be repeated here, because this is a family blog.

Back to SMILES:  After we got home and unloaded the kayaks, I took another look at the bumper damage.  The dent had popped out!!!!  I think a little buffing and maybe just a touch of paint, and all will be well.  No need to get those evil insurance people involved at all.  The other vehicle was barely scratched, so I'm sure he won't report it to his insurance company. 

I don't think I posted my new BSA block that I received from Teresa a couple of days ago.  It's an awesome star:
This is my fourth Red, White and Blue star, and I just love it!  Thanks Teresa.  And if you're reading this Teresa, stop now.  Because here is the block that I made for you.
She requested this pattern in bright colors, and I hope she likes it!

Off to do some more stitching now.  We got home exceptionally early for a Saturday, so I have many hours to fill with fun stuff.

Stitching to my heart's content.....Sunny


  1. This back bumper crunch thing must be epidemic! I did the same thing a couple of months ago and got almost the same damage on my back bumper as you except I was at fault. I'm glad the heat wave is over too...back to weeding the garden tomorrow!

  2. Hi Sunny--glad that you basically did have a good day--a little bump here and there is what makes life interesting--only you did not hear that from me!!!!!
    Love you new hexies you are doing and love how the old ones are coming along--good for you!!!
    we had just 2 really humid days here--and as I live upstairs on the sun side of the street--I was hot!!!!
    but today was so much better--
    though I did not sew--I knitted and did a walk over town--am getting ready to do my mile walk here in a few minutes!!!
    Hugs,Di and miss gracie

  3. That's a nuisance about the car, Sunny, cars are a money drain. The blocks are lovely, I like what you made for Teresa

  4. Love your river, I live close to a river but not even sure if you take a boat on it, looks like a lot of fun! Sorry about your car ):

  5. Oh no, I'm so sorry to hear about your car. I hope you can repair it yourself.

    I love the block you made for your partner! Does that block have a name? It looks familiar but I'm not sure. I do love those pink and green fabrics together!

  6. Sunny love your pic of the deer so sorry about your car and lovely blocks.xx

  7. Looks like you had a good day apart from the car.. glad it wasn't any worse. Hugs

  8. Pleased the frowns weren't too frowny aafter all. overallit sounds like you had a good day - love your kayaking spot. Hope you got heaps of Saturday stitching done :-)

  9. Good that the frowns turned back to smiles. The scenery looks wonderful there. Liking your fabrics.

  10. I hope your bumper looks like new again after you give it some attention.
    I love the blocks!

  11. I was catching up here...I swear I have no time for blogging these days. I saw this car crunch....last month my husband backed into a pole in a parking lot and busted out the whole back window too. $500 deductible with over $3000 in damage I too anticipate higher insurance.
    Sweet blocks btw. Have a great weekend!!


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