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Thursday, October 23, 2014

FNSI and Saturday Adventure

I always sign up for FNSI, and I almost always stitch something.  But it usually coincides with our Dinner Club, so I get a late start, and don’t accomplish as much as I’d like.  I’m currently working on two WIP’s that are hand work, so I spent a little time on each of them on Friday night.  Back in 2010 (?) I started a hexie project, knowing that it would be a long-term project.  Every year since, I vow that it will be completed this year, but alas, that hasn’t happened.  So I pulled it out again earlier this week, and attached a few more flowers.  Making the hexie flowers was so much fun.  Sewing them all together, not so much.

pretend there’s a picture of my hexie quilt here

I’m also working on a cross stitch piece, so I put a few stitches in it.  I had started this as my lunch time project before my job ended, and haven’t worked on it much since then.

pretend there’s a picture of my cross stitch here

Our Saturday plan was to find some pretty fall colors and take pictures, ending up at our favorite little pizza place for dinner.  Every fall, we spend two or three weekends following the peak leaf colors as they progress nearer to our hometown.  Our destination was Deep Creek Lake in western Maryland.  Sadly, the further west we drove, the more dreary and cloudy the skies became.  And then it started raining. 



We stopped at a couple of places that we’d been before, including Rocky Gap State Park, Casselman Bridge, and Hill Top Fruit Market.

IMG_2027 We decided that it just wasn’t our day, so we would have our delicious wood fired pizza for lunch instead of dinner, and return home early.  I took a map into the restaurant, and while we were waiting for our lunch, I noticed a lake on the map that I’ve never heard of before.  It’s very near where we were eating, so we decided to check it out before heading home. 


There are actually TWO lakes, and they’re only minutes from Rocky Gap, one of our kayaking spots.  How could we not know this?  We’re always looking for new places to kayak, so we drove all around them, locating the boat launch areas.  We’ll be back next summer!  And yes as we started heading east, we drove out of the gloom and into the sunshine!


We may have gotten just a little lost at one point, but we found some pretty spots, so it was all good.






All in all, a very successful outing!  My agenda for Sunday includes football and lots of stitching.  And maybe a big pot of soup.

~ ~  Sunny ~ ~


(eta:  I didn’t post this on Saturday night, because I was going to add more pictures.  that hasn’t happened.)


  1. I get a late start on FNSI too - and an even later start posting about it. I did enjoy your "pretend" pictures and here's my "pretend" comment about them:
    "pretend compliment". hehehe

  2. How awesome to find a new spot for kayaking!!! Your pics are just awesome.

  3. I always mean to participate in FNSI but forget. Grrrr

    Looks like you had a great outing. Wood fired pizza sounds pretty spectacular to me right now. ;-)


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