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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Seasonal Confusion



It’s fall here in the US, and we expect to see pumpkins, mums, and brightly colored foliage at this time of year.  Since I always carry a camera, I’ve been accumulating a few pictures over the past few days.  Today, I walked in our beautiful City Park with a friend, and THIS is what we saw:


Azaleas and roses should not be blooming.  It’s just not right.



They’re pretty, so I’m not complaining, but they look odd with this as a backdrop.


Much sewing and unsewing and cursing have been happening at the QD place.  I’ll have something major to share soon.  Maybe.  It all looked good in my head, but the jury is still out on the final project.  I hope to attach the binding tonight or tomorrow, so the end is in sight.  I need a finish for October OPAM, and the end of the month is soon.

~ ~  Sunny ~ ~



  1. Loved my walk through the park with you both. Great photos of the pumpkins.

    Hmm!! Reverse sewing must be the in thing. I am doing plenty of that too. Also struggle ruling with a finish for this month...

  2. Stupid ipad .. Struggling is the word LOL

  3. Love seeing all those pumpkins lined up. They look great.

  4. Hi Sunny such lovely pics,love the pumpkin ones.xx

  5. I love seeing fall and spring at the same time--though it is funny looking!!!
    Do you ever wonder how much more we would get finished if we did not have to do all the unsewing, before finishing a project???
    It is finally sunny here and that sun feels good!!
    hugs, di and miss gracie

  6. Oh it's hard from me to change from spring & summer flowers to pumpkins - so your area is just right for me.

  7. Doing some unstitching myself - actually, more like tossing and starting over, lol. Love your autumn pics, but azaleas????? The flowers are confused, lol!!!

  8. Lovely pictures! Roses are still blooming here, too (but not azaleas - too far north for that, I suppose). Have a productive weekend!

  9. I enjoyed your photos. So many pumpkins!

  10. Hmmm I hadn't thought about that, Sunny, you are right! Still plenty of
    roses blooming in our yard and the petunias are still top rate looking.


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