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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

I was wrong.

Fall is not nearly over.  As a matter of fact, summer may not even be over!

We reached about 82 degrees today (28C) so we loaded up the kayaks and headed to a small lake nearby.  What a beautiful day.  We saw several people walking their dogs, a few bicyclists, 2 stand-up paddle boarders, several fishermen, and even a couple of families with small children playing in the sand.


I thought it was odd that we could hear the traffic noise from a nearby interstate highway, but then I realized we don’t normally hear it because the beach is normally crowded with shouting laughing children.


Today was just quiet and peaceful.  And a little sad knowing that it was the last paddle of the season.  We return to more seasonal temperatures over the next couple of days, and the kayaks will be in storage by the end of the week.


On the stitching front, I’ve been working on my Charming Stars, and should have some blocks to show by tomorrow. 

Hope you’re enjoying whatever season you’re in!  Sunny



  1. Such beautiful weather at the end of October. We are expecting a warm day tomorrow. Beautiful photos!

  2. Don't you just love these unexpected warm days? We climbed about 40 degrees yesterday, it was just beautiful. But it might snow on Friday, lol. Lovely pics, hon!

  3. Your fall pictures are lovely. Fall has been a variety of temperatures this year.I like the warmer weather. Not ready for the winter.

  4. What beautifull even to spend your last kayaking trip for the season... You have sew many gorgeous places you visit..

  5. Grrrrrrrr! Stupid ipad...

    I wrote " what a beautiful place to spend"

  6. Hi Sunny
    we have been getting some lovely Spring weather but the last few days have gone back to winter, windy and chilly. Your photos look so pretty, I love the colour of the leaves.

  7. Beautiful Fall photos! I am sorry your kayaking is over for the year. You always go to such wonderful places.

  8. I'm so sorry that your kayaking time is over for the year. I definitely would like to give kayaking a try. It looks like so much fun. They rent kayaks in Hilton Head ... to be used in the lagoons ... but there are crocs in those lagoons, and I'm not interested in company! ha!

    It got into the lower 80's here this weekend ... and the low Friday night will be in the 20's. I think last weekend was summer's last hurrah. ;-)

    I can't wait to see your Charming Stars blocks.

  9. What lovely photographs! This is my first fall...and I am amazed at all the beautiful colours of fall.

  10. Oh I can't wait to see how the stars look in the shirt fabric!

  11. It looks so calm and peaceful. I can see why you would love to see the season last a little longer.

  12. Glad you got in one last great kayaking tour--
    it is suppose to snow here on the week end--maybe even Friday night!!!
    so I guess winter has decided to come anyways!!
    can't wait to see the sewing--
    hugs, di and miss gracie

  13. Gorgeous as usual. We are enjoying late fall as well. Sometimes it turns off cold on Halloween though so we shall see.

  14. Love love love your pictures! Last year at this time it was soooo cold we couldn't get outside but today it was 70 something! Loving this fall. You do have some amazing countryside to visit there!!

  15. Make the most of these beautiful days. The colours in the trees is wonderful!

  16. Beautiful! That first photo is awesome!

  17. It looks so beautiful and peaceful and so much more colourful than here! Sarah x

  18. What beautiful photos. The colours of fall are truly amazing!


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