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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Trip Update

Day 1:  Mother Nature’s Paintbrush

Our first day was spent on the road, driving through Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine.  Here is a summary of what we saw.






Pavement, tail lights, and some pretty trees.  Mother Nature has been very busy!  Surprisingly the prettiest colors were in PA, rather than farther north.  I was driving when we saw the best, so no pictures. 

We ended the day with lobstah rolls and a stroll through LL Bean in Freeport, ME.












Day 2:  We arrive in Canada

After many more miles of pavement, tail lights, and pretty trees


And a quick photo op along a creek


We finally arrived at the Canadian border.  The following pictures were taken from the car, so forgive the crookedness.


We spent some time at a Visitor Center in St. Stephen, where we received excellent advice and help, and even made a room reservation for later that night.  Also got a tip for a great spot for lunch, and it was awesome.  Then we took a short scenic loop before ending up in St. John for the night.






I included the last picture just to show the difference in the tide levels.  It was nearly low tide, and if you look at the rocks in the background, you can see how significantly the tide rises.  The Bay of Fundy has the highest tides in the world, at approximately 50 feet!

Will continue when I get Wi-Fi again. 




  1. Wow... Sunny, these are great pics... I hope you enjoy your holiday...

  2. Wow! Those colors are spectacular.

  3. Love your pictures! So happy you had a great trip!

  4. Beautiful autumn colours in your photos..sew nice to drive along with you both.

  5. Great photos of your trip Sunny !

  6. Love following you,Peggy! Thanks for great pictures here, how beautiful the Autumn colours are :-)

  7. What a fantastic trip, girl, you're giving me road fever!

  8. So glad you're having a great trip! Thanks for sharing the fabulous pictures. DH wants to visit Maine ... and your pictures have made me rethink my response ... maybe I should say "yes". We could include a jaunt up into Canada as well.

  9. You go so many fun places and take such beautiful pictures! Isn't Autumn just gorgeous!

  10. Yea! I know those trees are prettier in person but I'm so happy to see them. Have a wonderful trip!

  11. Beautiful scenery and the weather looks like it has been kind, too.
    The Autumn colours are lovely.

  12. Mmmmmm lobster rolls! Those and clam rolls are two of the reasons I love to visit my sister in Maine;)


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