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Sunday, October 21, 2012

I Did It!!!

If you're here for the weekly travelogue, it's later in the post.  We have stitchy news today!!  A little background first.  Earlier this week, I popped into the LQS to purchase a half yard of fabric to finish a swap project.  (waving to Maria!)  Would you believe that a half yard cost me over a hundred dollars?  No?  Well maybe I should mention that this came home with me as well.

And this somehow found it's way into my possession.
Now you might wonder why I bought a kit that uses the same fabric as the FQB, but I couldn't help myself!  I just had to have them both.  I saw the fabric online a couple of months ago, and knew it would be perfect for a pattern I had seen in a magazine.  And now it's mine.  But for a couple of days, I've felt guilty about spending so much money, when I already have well over a zillion projects/patterns/ fabric in my sewing room.  I know that many (most?) of you can sit down and churn out a flimsy in a day.  I am in awe of you.  And you do it on a regular basis.  So yesterday, I decided that I was going to get up today, and make this flimsy.  In one day.  Me.  And I Did It!!!!

I have the binding cut out, but I didn't put it together yet, because I wanted to post about this.  And I haven't bought the backing fabric yet.  I wonder how much that little trip will cost me?!?!

Before I could start this morning, I had to clean off my sewing table and my ironing board.  They weren't buried too deeply this time.  And I've moved this little project several times, so I decided to just take the time to finish it.
It has a little pocked on the back, to hold something very special, but we can't talk about that before Christmas.
I also baked bread today.  Several months ago, I purchased the book Healthy Bread in Five Minutes a Day.  I bought  some ingredients, and then realized I needed a few special tools.  By the time I had everything gathered that I needed, I had lost interest, and then I got a job and just didn't have the time.  Because it really takes more than 5 minutes a day.  I recently got the urge again, reassembled the ingredients, and here is the result.
I need to reread the section on yeast, because it didn't rise very much, but it tasted good, and I'll continue to try to make improvements.
And now for a summary of my Saturday.We've had such beautiful weekends, we had to head out once again to search for more fall color.  What we discovered was that areas near by our town are peaking now, and some hillsides are absolutely glorious to look at.  We spent the day in southern Pennsylvania, and  I'm glad we didn't wait another week.  Our primary destination was the Flight 93 Memorial.  It's a very somber place, and a fitting tribute to those who lost their lives in that field. 

A large boulder in the field marks the spot where the plane went down.

   After we left the memorial, we spent the rest of the day looking for windmills, covered bridges, and geocaches.  In my experience, there is almost always a geocache on or near a covered bridge, and we were very successful in finding them yesterday.



We found a total of 7 bridges in Somerset County.  I think there are three more, but we were running out of time and daylight.  The weather was cooler than we expected, the skies were overcast, and we had a couple of rain showers, but I predicted that the skies would clear when it was time for us to head home.  Yep, the sun was shining as we started home.

The rest of the day will have to wait for another post, it's past my bedtime.

Keep on stitching.....Sunny

A rare sight - all three in close proximity.  The one in the middle hates the one on the left, and they avoid each other.


  1. What a treat to live near such gorgeous countryside. Your photos are gorgeous. Love your quilt top, and pillow! And bread, too? Way to go!! :)

  2. Congratulations on your quilt in a day!!! Love the fabric - it looks gorgeous.
    Beautiful scenery in your photos, too!

  3. The fabric and flimsy are gorgeous - well done on achieving your goal!! Your scenic photos are lovely - it surely is a beautiful time of the year. (And the bread looks good!)

  4. wow Sunny that flimsy is gorgeous,well done and love the colour.xx

  5. WOWZERS I'm in love with that bridge!
    And go you a flimsy in a day !! !! !!

  6. Love the fabric!!
    Love your flimsy too and all in one day!
    Well done.
    Love the rainbow photo.....

  7. Good for you! Cute quilt and done in a day - thats amazing. I love your trip photos, I would love to visit those places too! Have a great week........

  8. Very pretty fabric and a great job on the quilt top!

  9. Geocaching is a travelers delight. It will let you know where all the hidden treasures are. We are going on a week long vacation to go geocaching with 500-600 others in the middle of the forest. There will be jeep runs, chili cook offs, hot dog get togethers, 5 mile gauntlets, as a race too. It is a week long pleasure. Plenty of caches to find as well. Here is to a few more hundred added to the books, and maybe 100 FTF's as well.

  10. Your flimsy is gorgeous , love those soft blue colors and the bread looks delicious . Oh wow on the photos , so many wonderful covered bridges to see , lucky you ,I really enjoyed your trip. hugs Sheila

  11. Waving back Sunny....

    It's funny how fabrics and patterns just jump into our bags...LOL

    Love the flimsy you made in a day..
    Nice little pillow too.

    thanks for taking us on your drive through those great bridges..

  12. What a lovely day! Great post,once again,Sunny. Beautiful pinwheel to be,love the blue fabrics :-) Any crumbles of your bread left for me?!!

  13. Oh I can't believe you bought a kit and the fabric - well, you certainly do love that fabric (me too - it's very pretty). You won't be sorry. And good for you for getting that quilt done in a day (very Pretty!) - wouldn't Eleanor be so proud of you! But making the bread too - now you're just trying to make me look bad! hardy har har!

  14. I have been wanting to try to make some bread... I guess it's trial and error? I love the photos of your trip... what beautiful country! Your little pinwheel quilt is adorable!!! I don't think you can have to much of any fabric you love! hehe

  15. What a day, Sunny! Isn't it wonderful when you just know a fabric and pattern are perfect for you? Best $100 for a half yard of fabric I've seen in a long time! If your bread isn't rising enough, you might need a warmer spot or just more time. Your loaf is absolutely gorgeous! I can smell it from here! Beautiful day, too!

  16. A couple of years ago Jerry and I were in that area and thought it to be incredibly beautiful. I love making bread and I love that book. :) And oh my goodness, that fabric....looks like it needs to be in my sewing room! blessings, marlene

  17. Love your little quilt! I know about going for 1/2 yard and spending over a hundred. Happens way too often. Beautiful photos too.

  18. Ha Sunny, so i'm not the only one who goes to buy one thing & comes back with an arm full! Gorgeous quilt top, my friend, well done. IN A DAY!! I could only dream of such a feat... Gorgeous pics as always, the Flight 93 Memorial is a fitting place for the horrors of what happened... x

  19. Beautiful blue and white fabrics...I would have done the same thing, buy and then feel guilty. But at least you went to work with them and not leave them for years like alot of us quilters do;-)

    blessings, jill


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