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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

One Flower Wednesday

Two more  for my pink project.  I think I need to go to the quilt store for more pink fabrics.  That could be trouble!

Yesterday was an awesome mail day at my house.  First, there was the cutest little mug rug from Linda.  I'm in a swap and we're swapping every couple of months, based on the seasons or holidays.  We know who our partner is each time, and Linda and I both chose to go with a winter theme this round, instead of Christmas.  That way, we can use our rugs longer.

Isn't he the cutest thing?  And he was wrapped in more of the red snowman fabric, which sparkles! 

A somewhat larger package arrived from Maria in Australia.  A couple of months ago, she posted a picture of a cushion that she had made for a swap.  It was beautiful, and I commented that I was sorry I had missed out on that swap. she suggested that we do a one-partner swap, and this is what I received from her.

It's so perfect!  I need to get an insert for it so it can be put in a place of honor.

And here are a couple of cross stitches that I completed last week. 

I'll leave you this evening with a picture that I took while I was driving to work this morning. 

I go to work entirely too early!!

Keep on stitching.....Sunny


  1. Sunny this is a lovely post! Definitely get some more pink fabrics, these ones are so pretty.
    Good idea with the winter theme for a swap, the mug rug is super-cute.
    And you lucky duck, Maria has spoiled you with her wonderful stitching & sewing. That is just gorgeous, & I know you will enjoy it!

  2. Indeed a lovely post and WOW look at the gorgeous sunrise you would have missed had you not been going to work so early! The Snowman mug rug is cute as a "button" and Maria sent you some beautiful stitchery. Can't wait to see what you are doing with all those lovely pink flowers!

  3. Lots of lovely post surprises.
    Gorgeous pics of the sunrise and the Autumn foliage.

  4. What a gorgeous sunrise...
    Lovely flowers to ad to your garden.
    Love your snowman Rug Mug Linda made.
    some beautiful cross stitch too.
    I really enjoyed stitching your cushion. Pleased you like it.

  5. Hope you have fun shopping for more pink fabrics!! Lovely mug-rug and cross stitches - you've been busy. Really lovely cushion from Maria - customised too I see, very special. And your going to work photo is stunning!!

  6. oooo! oodles of lovely things! Wonderful sunrise.

  7. Such fun swaps. I love that stitchery pillow,so cute! Sorry you have to go to work so early but seeing that beautiful sunrise is a nice start to a day.

  8. Hi Sunny,
    Nice pink flowers as usual. That is going to be a lovely quilt one day. You did great opening your mail, beautiful items you received. And, if you have to go to work, at least everything around you is beautiful. What a sunrise!

  9. How cool, a personalized block with your name and the machine with your interests. Very nice.

  10. All your projects and gifts are lovely. I love the sewing machine on the pillow cover..too cute!!'

    blessings, jill

  11. As a friend I want to stop your from going to the fabric shop. Because we all know what's going to happen when you go looking for pinks. But as a quilter I can't wait to see what all you buy! Go Sunny Go!!! (Oh I see, the quilter side of me won.)


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