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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Show Me Your Apple Cores

Do I need another new project?  No.  Sometimes I just can't help myself.  I had to order some new hexagon papers, and somehow, a pack of apple core pieces fell into my basket.  Now quite sure how that happened, since i was ordering online, but it happened.
I've been thinking about apple cores for awhile, and since I was already placing an order and paying postage . . . . . . .  I don't know what I'll make, so if you've posted a great project, or if you have a favorite tut, please share with me.  Pretty please?

Today was another beautiful Autumn day.  Once again, we went for a drive, looking for autumn colors.  We started out by following a drive through a state forest, but after following a fire tower road through an oak forest for awhile, we decided that we needed to look for a little better road.
Although there is a map for this drive, and there were no warnings about the road, I don't think it's really intended for the average passenger car.  And if you're looking for pretty autumn colors, a very dense oak forest is not the place to be looking.
We were near another state park, so we drove over there for our picnic lunch, and a little geocaching.
It's a place where we often kayak, and it was strange to see the beaches deserted, and no shouting children.  There were a couple of kayaks and canoes on the water, but not many.

One of the nice things about the day was that we put stew ingredients in the crock pot before we left home, so when we got home,  dinner was waiting!  No fuss, no muss.  A perfect day.

I hope you're all having a wonderful weekend.  Sunday will be a day for sleeping late, sewing, and maybe trying out a bread recipe.  I'll let you know if it's a success.

Keep on stitching.....Sunny
A Walking Stick - we saw two today!!


  1. What Beautiful scenery! I've never done anything with apple cores. Good luck, let us see what you come up with.

  2. Thanks for such a lovely tour of Autumn colors! Apple-cores are great; thanks to Sue Dayley`s way of doing them; it`s easy!
    Good Luck :-)

  3. I've only seen "walking sticks" in pictures.. how cool! Those fall colors are gorgeous, can't wait to see your apple cores. Love coming home to the house smelling of dinner waiting! Sunday sounds like the perfect day. :)

  4. Sunny sorry I have no advice for you re the apple cores, I hve no idea how they go together, so I will be watching you for how you do them!

  5. Of course you need more projects!! This looks like a fun one. I will wait with anticipation to see what you end up with.
    There are some lovely Autumn colours in your photos. Very pretty scenery in your area. Have a lovely, lazy Sunday.

  6. We haven't been able to go see the leaves this year because of my heavy show schedule but we may have a few weeks longer than you to try. But I got to see some through your blog!

  7. I have never done the apple core quilt but it is a tempting one for sure , let me know if you find a good tutorial . Lovely fall displays for you to enjoy and isn't that walking stick neat .

  8. No Have never used apple cores but look forward to seeing what you make Sunny..
    Love the scenery. Now my DH would love that road through the forest...

  9. It's amazing how things just fall into one's lap, Sunny. The same thing happened to me but it was with Clamshell papers. Now I'm wondering how to get started on that. You do so many things. That's wonderful! Thanks for sharing all those beautiful photos.

  10. Love the fall photos. I just bought a apple core stamp last week when I was in a workshop. The pattern the designer used was a charm quilt where every piece of fabric is different.

  11. Hi Sunny--love the photos again--
    and again I have to say that the last fall one wins--though that walking stick is different!!!
    I ordered some hexie papers and the same thing happened to me--but mine was a star shaped point!!!!!
    bet yours will be easier than mine!!
    Hugs, Di and miss gracie

  12. We all 'need' new projects LOL

  13. We all 'need' new projects LOL

  14. The other day I was in the post office and the lady in front of me had a handbag with apple cores. It was so pretty!
    Love all these fall colors. Makes me so happy. :)

  15. I love the walking stick - so very cool. All the apple core quilts I've seen have been made with plaids and homey colors. (so nothing new from me - sorry) I'm sure you will find just the right fabric.

  16. Thank you Sunny for sharing your beautiful photos. My husbands dream is a lake or river all to himself!!

    Joanne has a wonderful tutorial on the apple cores. She starts out with the go cutter, but the rest is a wonderful step by step tutorial.


    Hope that helps.
    blessings, jill

  17. I, too, want to make an apple core quilt, Sunny, but I have an acrylic template that also doesn't have much in the way of instruction. I'll be watching your comments to see what comes up! What gorgeous fall colors and dinner ready when you got home - perfect day!


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