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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

One Flower Wednesday

I've been a bad blogger lately.  I'm getting behind on reading your blogs and commenting.  I hope to get caught up with all of you soon.

While looking through my stash for another project, I found a few more pink scraps,

The other project was a Maple leaf block, which I turned into a mini cushion. My plan is to eventually have a little basket for each season, with cross stitches and mini quilty blocks.

I'm not sure I like this as a cushion, because you can't tell what it is.  Would a small border help?   Or should I just 'unstuff' it?

I also stuffed the acorn I stitched a couple of weeks ago.  Not thrilled with it either. 

To wrap up the month, here is the mug rug I made for a swap.  It has now been received on the other side of the country, so it's okay to show you.
This was inspired by a wall hanging made by Paulette over at Sweet P Quilting and Creations.  This is an OPAM for October. 

I haven't finished anything for CTTY the last couple of months, so I'm happy to have this little cushion this month.  Have you noticed I did all small projects this month?  At least they're finished.
And now I must go post some of these projects on other sites, and do some link-ups.  Tomorrow night, I'll be packing for a scrap booking retreat, and then away for the weekend.  See you next month!

Keep on stitching....Sunny
finding the 3 of them together is becoming more common!


  1. Well, Sunny, you've accomplished a lot. Your hexie flower is lovely. Keep finding those pink fabrics.

  2. Great projects, I like the leaf pillow and the acorn and the idea of a basket with little seasonal items in it. I think I may give that a try too.

  3. I love all your little project finishes :) Fabulous cushion for CTTY, the colours are lovely. And your mug rug is sooo cute :)

  4. Hi Sunny I am also a bad blogger latley ,I love all your projects there are so many ,the pillow I would put a dark blue boarder or enythin dark ,but it is cute, I had been busy making space in my shop to get my quilt table in ,and I have just finished ,but my new machine hasn't arrived yet due to short on cash just have to wait a while ,but the table in in and it looks great. I wish you well ,thanks for stopping by on my last post .I'll be posting soon so you can see the table andc it's setting.theodora

  5. love your little cushions especially the acorn,well done and have fun at your retreat.xx

  6. The nice thing about small projects is that they get done so quickly and you can garner a sense of accomplishment and yours are lovely. Small projects count too! Love the maple leaf, yes maybe a small border would make it pop better. The kitties are so sweet. The two on the left look like my kitties; Miss Lucy the yellow tabby was with me for 19 years before going to Rainbow Bridge, we still have our Tinkerbell, the gray tabby.....

  7. Hey, guess what? You can take as long as you want in between blog posts and commenting on ours. The blog police (which are just a myth anyway) won't come to your house and take away the computer/ipad/smartphone/ etc. You are getting plenty accomplished and that is more important! Me? Just sitting here getting nothing accomplished. I think these shows have done me in this fall! I'm brain dead .......

  8. Sunny, I love love love your snowman mug rug. Too cute!

  9. All small projects and all finished, I like that! A very pretty flower and both cushions I love just the way they are.

  10. Love the little mug rug and stuffed acorn. I too am way behind in my blogging - must be something in the air :-)

  11. I think you had a very successful month , the mug rug is adorable and so is all your stitching . Hugs Sheila

  12. Another lovely pink...
    Nice small projects you have finished this month.
    I love the Hexie mug rug...
    Even though the cats are together they don't look too happy about it..

  13. That mug rug is super duper darling!

    And love the kitty convention!

  14. Enjoyed catching up on several of your posts...the pumpkin log cabin wall hanging is too cute!!!

  15. It is getting to that busy time of the year and it makes it harder to to do everything we want to.
    Glad to see there is still some sewing happening. Lovely little projects. Cute mug rug!

  16. Hello Mrs Sunny!
    Wanted to let you know after some major computer troubles. Like we lost all the other pic's...we finally have a post on now of my beautiful wall quilt!
    Your item should be coming shortly!
    Sorry so long (late) in coming!


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