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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

One Flower Wednesday

I think I've missed the last two weeks, and I'm really too tired to post now, so we'll have a few pictures ,and even fewer words.
One for me
Two for a swap, and three for a special project

a 6" 'quilt' for the special project
Hope you're all having a good week..Sunny


  1. Flowers look great--I like the leaves photo. They aren't quite changing here yet.

  2. Love your hexies, and mini! :) Hope you get lots of rest tonight. Take care!

  3. Great flowers and love the basket block! Great colorsQ

  4. Your hexies are lovely, Sunny. I like the one you made for yourself the best. The basket block is cute. Nice foliage. We don't get much of that color in Texas.

  5. Beautifull Hexie flowers and basket block..
    Love the Autumn Leaves too.

    Hope you had a good rest.

  6. Very pretty flowers and a lovely basket, too.

  7. Great hexies and I love the basket block , and aren't those leaves a pretty color.

  8. Love your hexies I haven't quite found time for them yet but one of these days I'll be a hexi machine. Thanks for posting even if you were tire.

  9. Well For crying out loud, Sunny....I thought I was following you and now for some reason I came by and looked at all your October posts and realized I had not been following....I love this butterfly fussy cut flower and the basket block is lovely. Guess what? I'm following you now!


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