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Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Hills are Alive

With a Blaze of color!   Every year at about this time, Mr. QD and I go for a drive in search of Autumn.  Despite the photos I shared last week , most of our town is still pretty green, so we headed out to the western part of the state. 
We left the house bright and early, stopped for my favorite fast-food breakfast, and continued west.  The weather was alternately sunny, cloudy, foggy, warm, cold, and just darn right Autumn like. 
Much of the time it was quite cool and drizzling.  I had to quickly put on a big warm sweatshirt, and it didn't come off until we got home.  I may actually have to get out the long pants soon, and start wearing shoes with socks.  When we left home, it was 63 degrees, and I thought I was dressed appropriately.
Once we left the interstate for the more interesting back roads, the scenery improved.  I knew that there was a fabric store in one tiny town, and they carry a lot of threads, so  stopped in to see if they had a DMC thread that I can't find anywhere.  Nope, they don't have it.  But at least I spoke to one of the helpful women who told me that thread has been discontinued, so I can stop looking for it.  If I don't have enough to finish my secret project, I'll be asking you to check your stashes!

I didn't spend long in the store, but I did manage to make a couple of purchases.
I've been looking for this,

My very own chook!
While I was waiting to pay, the customer ahead of me was talking to the workers about the barbecue that they were eating.  It smelled yummy, and they said the Fire Hall was having a fundraiser dinner just down the road, so off we went to contribute to their fund, and treat ourselves to some tasty lunch.
Before we left, I asked one of the firemen about our planned destination, and he suggested that we take an alternate route, for more beautiful scenery.  I'm so glad we followed his suggestion! 

We found a State Park that we've been wanting to visit, and drove down to check out the boat ramp.  When we parked the car, there was a light cloud blowing over the water, but by the time we walked down a few yards to take pictures, it was totally fogged in!  And it was windy and cold.  The temp was down to 42 here, and I was wishing I had gloves.

Once we got away from the lake, the fog immediately dissipated, and it wasn't long before the sun started peaking out.  It was another wonderful day - Autumn style.  And now I'm settled into my comfy chair, getting ready to do some stitching.  I just found out that my standing Sunday appointment cancelled, so there will be some sewing happening at Chez QD tomorrow. 

Hope you're all enjoying a wonderful Autumn (or Spring Down Under) weekend.

Keep on stitching.....Sunny


  1. Beautiful pictures, Sunny...thank you!!! Love little PEEP, too!!!

    Hugs, Carolyn

  2. These are beautiful photos. Definitely worth a drive to see all this scenery. Stunning.
    Love your chook and wish I could have some of that BBQ!

  3. i love all the interesting drives you take,such beautiful country,thankyou for the tour Sunny.xx

  4. I love all of your photos, Sunny. :) That sounds like the perfect day! And sounds like another perfect day waiting to be had tomorrow with your sewing machine. :) xo

  5. Lovely lovely pictures, the colours are just stunning. I wouldn't mind tasting that BBQ as well! Hugs x

  6. We aren't getting much color here yet Sunny but when we were in Colorado a couple of weeks ago - it was incredible! blessings, marlene

  7. Thank you for sharing your Autumn with us! Beautiful pictures!!

  8. Thanks for sharing the fall colors. Our temps finally came down out of the 90's and supposedly will stay in the 70's this week. It may not sound cool but to us it is such a relief. Anyway, your pics are awesome...really like that last one!

  9. Sunny it's fantastic that you & mrQD have time to go see such gorgeous sights together... and then share your fab pics with us. the cross stitch mag looks great, lots of ideas no doubt... the chook is very cute

  10. Always love going along with you both on your beautiful drives...
    So many gorgeous Autumn photos.
    Yes had a fabulous weekend with my DD2.Lots of chatting and stitching.

  11. My favorite time of years. Lovely photos. Today it is cloudy, a little rain, down in the 5os. Yay!

  12. Oh my what a lovely trip you had--
    and those photos are just great--
    my favorite one being the last one--that one is a winner for sure!!!!
    and I just got that cross stitch mag a week ago--miss gracie hasn't started any of them yet--nor has she finished the fall one that is on the table!!!!!
    Hugs. Di and miss gracie

  13. Oh Peggy, your pics are georgeous, love the colours:-) The leaves with the bricks-background are perfect!

  14. Beautiful photos of your fall trip-- love it back there!

  15. Thanks for the tour , beautiful photos , sorry to hear you have been hacked , that is horrid !

  16. Beautiful photos. I enjoyed going along on your trip!


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